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Patience is a virtue- and a virtue can’t hurt you

Years ago I heard a preacher say these words: “Patience is a virtue, and a virtue can’t hurt you.” That little rhyming phrase has stuck with me for at least a decade, especially when I’m prone to be impatient about something. And there has been a lot to be impatient about in the last decade of my life: waiting to hear… Read more →

God grant me the serenity to accept the ideas I cannot execute

Recently I led a seminar with my colleague Doug at InterVarsity‘s national staff conference. When we were debriefing how it went he told me frankly “your creativity stresses me out.” This is something coming from one of the most creative people in our movement who has literally helped create a program called “start something new.” Then my friend Adam posted this… Read more →

Care, Questions, & Creativity- sharing Jesus after college

Jesus tells us to go into the world to make disciples (Matthew 28:19), but some days it feels like a lot just to make dinner. Now that you’re navigating traffic on your morning commute, toting young kids to soccer practice, or traveling 20 days a month for work,how do you talk to neighbors, friends, and colleagues about Jesus without sounding… Read more →

MOMcon 2013- Amazing happens here

This past month I flew to Kansas City to attend MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) MOMcon. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, or at least picturing….something like this…. Frumpy Mom- who has gone un-showered, forgotten that she is a woman and is still wearing her clothes from high school because, well, her kids wipe their ranch dressing covered fingers on her sleeves… Read more →

Tell me about your friend

“You talk differently about God now.” Curious, I asked him what he meant- “you used to talk about Jesus, now you just say “the LORD” like you have to use his professional name now that you’re a campus minister.  My husband Dave made this comment about six months into my ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. We laughed about it but… Read more →

Marriage is Just Too Loud for Me

I could hear him throwing up in the bathroom though I was at the end of the hallway, at least 30 feet from the disgusting retching sounds.  Dave had food poisoning from a late night Denny’s run with some friends at a weekend retreat. We were there with his parents  a few months before he proposed to me in 2001… Read more →

How Do You Preach the Gospel and Breastfeed?

I pulled into the McDonalds parking lot with my 5-month old son Oswald crying in the backseat because he was hungry. On a cold November afternoon I was driving to Detroit to help the InterVarsity chapter Oakland University chapter with an evangelistic outreach.  A colleague Nicole who had flown in from California was traveling with me to see an example… Read more →

My heart is so easily trampled

Demons make people do crazy things. Things like trample a man to death to get a good deal on a plasma screen TV at Walmart on black friday. Things like make people go into crazy amounts of consumer debt to buy gifts and keep the illusion that they aren’t financially strapped this Christmas. Things like stealing to provide Christmas presents… Read more →


Don’t Do It Yourself. This is my motto for December. Amongst the amazing Pinterest ideas floating around about making your own DIY decorative Christmas trees out of recycled materials, cookie baking, and connecting with people whether through our work of year end fund development or holiday get-togethers and the the pressure of working on my book I just. can’t. do.… Read more →

Why Urbana and Smoking are dangerous for your health

Standing outside of the vomitorium (yes, that is what the indoor stadium at University of Illinois is called) leaning against a cold concrete wall, I felt like I was in a daze by what I heard and saw that night of the Urbana missions convention in 2000.  With snow swirling around me as busses pulled up to collect conference attendees and shuttle… Read more →

dear college self,

If you could pull a Marty McFly and travel back to give your college self some advice, what would you say? Here are my reflections in a blog I wrote for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. To my college roommates Katie & Tara who are also pictured in this photo- here is a dose of some 1990’s nostalgia. shiny pants! leather pants! What’s the best… Read more →

blog break

Off to the wild U.P.! I’ll be on a blog hiatus for the next two weeks as I spend time teaching students about multi-ethnic witnessing communities from Acts 6-10. Spending a week with 450 InterVarsity college students from across the midwest, among acres of cedar forests, along the shores of lake huron is pretty amazing. If you’re the praying type,… Read more →

God knows you need to look good

In public speaking, presenters are encouraged to picture their venues, audience and themselves delivering their message. In addition to imagining these things, I also picture my accessories, shoes and what I’ll be wearing when I deliver a message.  Actually, it’s the first thing I imagine when I’ve accepted a speaking invitation.  Call me shallow, but knowing what to wear as… Read more →

melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

Though the chocolate may melt in my mouth, I still have blood on my hands. A few weeks ago I was supposed to give a talk at Oakland University on Everyday Justice drawing from themes from Julie Clawson’s book by the same name. As I did research, read her book and scoured online articles and websites I thought about themes on… Read more →

help, and other words I dislike using.

I really dislike asking for help.  Though I have asked hundreds of people for the last 10 years to help provide thousands of dollars for my work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to help college students know and live out their faith in Jesus, it feels different than asking for help in ordinary ways. If I’m short a cup of sugar… Read more →

out of the boat living

While I’d rather be like Andy Samburg sporting a nautical themed pashmina afghan on a boat, life has felt much more like the disciple Peter- half-sinking, half-having faith that Jesus is able to grasp ahold of me and keep me from drowning. Our move to Cleveland was in many ways been an experience of stepping out of our own comfortable… Read more →