I would love someday to wake up and see a Facebook feed where black lives aren’t devalued. Where black kids, teenagers and adults feel safe doing normal things like going to a pool party, walking home from the store or sitting and talking in a hotel lobby. I recently preached at a predominantly black church here in Cleveland-[…]


I Hit Send

Two years ago I sat on a grassy hill listening to the roar of jets above me.  Dave and I had taken our boys to the Cleveland air show and along with other frugal Clevelanders, we had parked ourselves on a grassy slope across from there all the other fools were paying admission to listen[…]


Fatherly Encouragement

I sent my dad a thank you card recently. My mom is in Liberia for three weeks chaperoning a trip for Calvin College students. My dad is usually the one traveling around the world.  In part because I knew he would be a little lonely, in part because at InterVarsity’s recent national staff conference we[…]


Who is My Neighbor?

When something horrific happens in your hometown it gives you pause to wonder how safe you really are.  Cleveland made international news last week with the story of the three women who had been abducted and held prisoner for 10 years in the home on the West Side of Cleveland.  Like most people I’ve had[…]

six months of cleveland

Dave, Reuben and I have lived in Cleveland Heights, OH for almost 6 months.We routinely get asked by people who learn that we’re new to the area “what do you think of Cleveland?” So here are the top 6 things I’ve liked about living here so far. 1. Friendly, welcoming people. We did have a[…]