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It is difficult not to picture how life could change forever. Will it happen when I’m out running errands? Helping myself to a second cup of coffee? Or at a dinner party with friends?  Will I be alone when I realize it is actually going to happen or be able to celebrate in the company of others?  How will my husband and sons respond? How will I feel when I realize that what I’ve been waiting for, longing for and picturing is actually going to happen…… or not happen.

I’m still waiting to hear back from InterVarsity press about the book proposal I submitted at the beginning of September, and waiting to hear back has felt a little like being pregnant and waiting to go into labor- an unknown journey that will change my life whether the proposal is accepted or rejected.  If accepted than it will literally be a lot of labor- working and reworking sentences, dealing with self-loathing that all writers seem to face, and striving to communicate a story that I believe God has given me- that we are shaped to be sent into his mission, for our sake and the sake of others. If rejected, well, I imagine self-loathing on that side too, dealing with doubt, finding the courage to revise, submit to other publishers or just wait for a different time to submit the proposal.

I’ve been trying to keep things updated here so whatever the news I can share with you bloggy friends what this journey has been like. Of course I want to write the post that says: “IT WAS ACCEPTED! I’M GOING TO BE AN AUTHOR! WOO HOO!!!” and be cheered on by friends to git r’ done. But I know it’s just as likely that I could write a post that says: “Sad face, it was rejected. This is the first step in becoming a real author.” And then probably quote Kelly Clarkson and Kanye about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, blah, blah, trying not to throw a pity party but wanting the condolences of friends in disappointment.

So- I’ll keep you blog posted whatever ends up happening- thanks for keeping it real on the sidewalk.

xxoo Jessica

where the blog posts were

It has been almost two months since I posted a blog. This is really bad for bloggers if you want people to keep reading. In case there are still people out there clicking refresh on my page to see if I finally posted something new- my sincerest apologies and a picture-licious post for you summarizing my summer lack of blogging.


visits with family and friends.

Getting walking pneumonia and not realizing it for about two weeks.

who knew there were such delights in Ohio? The Lake Erie Islands were wonderful to bike, enjoy good food and wineries.

Having a wonderful get-away with my husband to the Lake Erie Islands.

Taking a silent retreat on our birthdays and picking ripe blackberries together.

Spending time splashing with my sons in Silver Lake.

Getting a horribly sore throat and pink eye during a trip to visit friends and donors in MI

Disclaimer: there were no scrunchies worn while writing.

Trying to finish a book proposal.

The summer has been different than I expected- not as restful as I had hoped but still there were many enjoyable moments sandwiched between me being sick or Dave and the kids being sick.  On the book front I am really trying to crack-a-lack this thing out by the end of the month.  For some reason getting things done by the end of the month really motivates me.  The proposal itself is finished & I’m just editing the two draft chapters that need to be included in the proposal.  Thankfully I’ve had some wonderful friends and authors give me their feedback on how to strengthen both.  I could use some encouragement to get it done!

The 60 day challenge; can I write a book proposal?

Starting tomorrow, May 1st I’m starting on a book project. Since I’m a slacker who doesn’t get stuff done unless I have a deadline, I thought I’d go public about the project for some accountability & encouragement. I’ve been wanting to write a book for awhile, but as any of my friends who are authors have told me there is… Read more →