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on the verge: book review

I’m a sucker for free books, and when I saw that Alan Hirsch’s latest book, co-authored with Dave Ferguson On the Verge; a journey into the apostolic future of the church was being given to willing bloggers to review, I signed up right away. Plus, having taken a class with Alan through Wheaton graduate school last spring, my mind was spinning… Read more →

peacock progress- burning man preparations!

Only 4 days to go until Dave and I arrive at the Burning Man festival.  Costume prep has been going well so I thought I’d post a few pics of our progress. I would be considered remedial at best when it comes to sewing. As I’ve been working on my costumes I sorely wished that my crafty friends Sarah, April… Read more →

Jesus and the vampires

Recently Dave and I have been watching the HBO series Trueblood.  The premise of TrueBlood is interesting- in the show the Japanese have created a synthetic blood “trueblood” that enables vampires to be sustained on artificial rather than human blood.  In turn this allows vampires to begin to emerge into mainstream society.  Capitalizing on the current cultural fascination with vampires,… Read more →