A few years ago my husband saw me getting ready for work and said: “This isn’t you. You’ve been depressed and you’re not dressing like yourself. Let’s go shopping so you can buy some BRIGHT colors that look like you.”  We hit the thrift store after work and it was like a cloud lifted once I saw myself in clothes I actually liked instead of what I thought I should be wearing as a professional. I tossed the khaki pants and white oxford shirts and pranced around smiling in a new yellow dress.


Since then I’ve helped friends get unstuck from what holds them back from expressing who they are on the inside.  It takes a little work to dig inside yourself to figure out why there’s a disconnect, but in doing so, you can feel more confident, vibrant and beautiful. 


I create thrifted wardrobes for busy, frugal people who want to elevate their style.  You can contact me here for pricing and availability.


In 2020 I’ve committed to only shop second-hand to become more aware of how my consumer choices affect the environment, to demonstrate how to live simply and stylishly, and to enjoy the adventure of creating a thrifted wardrobe.  You can follow along on Instagram at @Jessica_Leep_Fick