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Blog roundup

I’ve been loving some of the posts I’ve been reading lately from brave and thoughtful folks- check out some of their goodness that involves gaping wounds, hot wives, and scandalous women. The one that made me thankful for men who love on their wives publicly: From Adam Jeske: Don’t Stop Bragging about Your Smokin Hot Wife….but …

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This is not the child I signed up for.

She pointed to the small scar, right between her daughter’s eyes before we watched her run off to climb up a slide on the playground.  I shrugged to my sister “she’s pretty unafraid of things.”  “Uh, yeah, almost too unafraid” she said, rolling her eyes.  “Like the time that she charged up to a group …

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my awkward valentine

I’ve had some awful valentines days in my past.  Spanning the history of amorous attempts on February 14th these valentines have included awkward kisses, technicolor vomiting, public rejection, cheesy gifts, and an internal blend  of resentment/anixety/and pity. Here’s a quick recap for your amusement dear blog friends: It was valentines day and unseasonably warm for …