Are you a Facebook Fear Monger?

Have you ever gotten on social media out of boredom and seen something that completely derailed you emotionally? I have a friend who always posts angry rants about people he thinks are stupid, another friend who posts articles about animal abuse, or how kids brains are rotting because of iPads and another friend who makes “vague book” posts- you know, things like “I just wish today would be over. I don’t think my life is ever going to get better.” Total click bait for some sympathy.

Why do people post stuff like this? I think it’s because most of us are angry and afraid. Facebook has become a dumping ground for all of our emotional baggage because we just need to get it out somewhere. But it doesn’t just float out into the ether on the winds of the world wide web (yes, I just used that phrase). It gets lodged into our hearts and minds. We begin to become afraid that those friends are struggling in ways we can’t help them, that our kids brains are indeed rotting away as they watch PBS or play Angry Birds. We begin to think all of our neighbors are running illegal dog fighting schemes in their garages and abusing those poor dogs.

How about we just stop? Instead of perpetuating fear, encourage love today. Let’s stop putting our fears out there and put something out into the digital world that brings hope and love. Simple things can change us and remind us that each of us have a choice with how we use our digital spaces and our words. Use your digital power to help people know that there is a God who loves them.

Fearless happens with friends,

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