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40 Days of Fearless

Can you imagine if you lived without fear for even one day?

What if you gave up fear for Lent?

Yes. I realize that probably means you won’t lose any weight like you would if you gave up chocolate or French fries. But don’t you think life could be different if you spent 40 days with a community of women asking Jesus to fill you with his perfect love instead of fear?

Lent is a season of preparation to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Typically people go without something as a way to foster deeper dependance on Jesus and be reminded of their need for his presence in their lives. While some have made lent a season of self-discipline giving up chocolate, coffee or facebook, lent is about far more than self-discipline. It’s about inviting the Holy Spirit to purge the things in our lives that make us distracted from God.



Many of us live in fear each day. Fear of what others will think of us. Fear that we’ll say the wrong thing. Fear that we made a bad decision that will haunt us. There are places I cower in fear instead of asking Jesus to fill me with his perfect love that can cast out fear.

What if you decided to give up fear for lent?

What if instead of fear God filled you with faith?

What if by Easter Sunday you felt the fierce love of Jesus making you new?

What if you invited others to experience Jesus’ love?


Together let’s give up fear.

Instead let’s choose faith. Let’s live out and share the love of Jesus with others.

Let’s live out and speak about Jesus’ resurrection power for the next 40 days together.


I need 40 days of fearless.

And I need help from some girlfriends to live this way. My friend Maddison is joining me because I need help to live fearlessly!

Will you join us?


What you need:

  • A willing, open heart.
  • A couple of girlfriends- four or five to be specific and create your own “fearless five” group.
  • An expectation that God will move in your life and the lives of others.

What you receive:

  • A weekly calendar mailed to you with specific steps to live fearlessly each day.
  • A weekly video encouragement, sent right to your inbox to encourage you in living out and sharing Jesus.
  • A weekly scripture meditation for you to memorize and pray through during the week.
  • Live support in a private Facebook group for you to share prayer requests, stories and receive encouragement to other women in the challenge.

What you need to do:

  • Invite a couple friends to join you in living fearlessly for Jesus.
  • Sign up at for the 40 Days of Fearless challenge. (on the home page)
  • Order a signed copy of Beautiful Feet: Unleashing Women to Everyday Witness to help you on your fearless journey and a Beautiful Feet shirt to wear a couple times in the next 40 days.
  • Start praying for God to move in your life and the lives of your friends who are far from him.

We’ll begin the challenge on February 10th– on Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent and ends on March 27th– Easter Sunday.

Are you ready? Let’s live fearlessly together.


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