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Why I’m Changing my Name

In a little over a month my book, Beautiful Feet: Unleashing Women to Everyday Witness will be released with InterVarsity Press.  Though I’d like to be all like “aw, shucks, no big deal, it’s just something I did on the side,” I’m not really that kind of person.  I’m SUPER PSYCHED my book is about to drop! I’ve been dreaming about this my whole life! I’m even putting together some awesome giveaways to do next month around the time of book release for all ya’ll because of all the ways AMAZING you women and men have inspired me to share my faith.

So, the name change thing. I found a journal that I was required to keep in the 4th grade and one entry was about what I wanted to be when I grew up- these were my high and noble aspirations:

1. An artist
2. A model
3. A writer

As you can see I was clearly about the pursuit of world peace. When you have a dream from the time you’re a young girl it’s pretty hard to let it go- I’ll never be paid to be an artist or a model- unless I count that one time I modeled in high school for the “fall fashions” runway at the Westwood Mall in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I was paid in a free Subway sandwich and Sprite after the show. I felt pretty baller.

When you grow up dreaming of being a writer, you picture the cover of the book that you might publish someday. You picture your name being on the cover.  My full legal name is Jessica Lynn-Leep Fick as it appears on my drivers license because I couldn’t bear to give up my maiden name- even with all the stupid frog and jumping jokes I endured growing up.  (Fick is way worse btw- don’t google it unless you want to look at German porn- I’ll leave it to you to figure out what fick translates into).

Beautiful Feet 13

So, when my book comes out, you’ll see my name: Jessica Leep Fick on the cover. In part because I’ve always dreamed about that and it feels sad to me to not honor my childhood dreams. Yet I’m also the woman who married into a wonderful family and took the name of my husband- I want to honor that part of my life too- who I’ve become and who I am today.  Most people call me Jess Fick, which is totally fine if you keep calling me that. At least I’m not going the route of Prince and changing my name to a symbol, or like John Cougar Mellencamp who decided to later drop the “Cougar” from his name. Why would he do that? Cougar is pretty bad ass for a name. Also, Fick-Couger sounds even worse so I won’t be adding any animal moniker to my pen-name.

If you’re married did you hyphenate your name when you tied the knot? Add it as part of your middle name like I did? I know a lot of dudes like my brother who are choosing to hyphenate their names to honor their wives- pretty cool!

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