Take your own advice

Have you ever listened to yourself give advice to a friend? Words of encouragement come so easily to us as we guide a friend through a tough situation, help them work through a problem or want to help them succeed in a new venture.

You know what’s terrible? Not taking your own advice. It’s so much easier to listen to a friend tell you good, insightful things instead of really believing them.  For instance- the previous post I wrote on patience was pretty much written to myself. I knew other people would benefit from it but as there are a number of things I am waiting on (winter to be over, losing weight, my son to get through his terrible threes just to name a few) THE DAYS SEEM ENDLESSS…….SSSSSSS…………SSSSSSSSSS.

I can’t think of one person who likes waiting- the process is so uncomfortable, so challenging to our sense of power and self-control. When I texted my friend Leslie today to ask her advice on a challenging situation to change this was her advice:


Leslie has the best advice. And the best emoji empathy. “Be present with that discomfort.”  Last week I wrote all about how practicing gratitude helps us to be patient because we realize that we can live life freely now and trust that God is in control. Here’s the thing about writing cool stuff like that- it’s a lot more difficult to believe it and live it than it is to write it. I have a really hard time taking my own advice. And like other writers I can easily inspire others and then be horribly depressed and despondent myself.

But here I am. In yet another snowstorm. With spring a long ways off. A thyroid that I recently found out is messed up and causes unexpected weight gain (yaaaaaay. just what every gal hopes for!) and a preschooler that is so demanding that I have to give myself time-outs so I don’t have angry outbursts at him.

Friends, what advice do you often give that you have a hard time believing or living out yourself?

Each passing day I often wonder: “where the crap are you Jesus? Why isn’t stuff changing? Why are things so difficult? Why are my thighs still so chunky? Why do hot Cheetos taste so good?”  I often tell people that Jesus is present- not a long way off in the distant but right there while we’re scrapping’ and mixing in real life- with the mess and unresolved conflicts in life. We need to be more present to him and his love for us. (hmm, I sound like Leslie).

So I’m going to Leslie-advice myself with some empathetic emojis- Be present. Jesus is present. O.k.- your turn- what’s your advice for yourself or others in times of waiting?

artist: Stella Im Hultberg
artist: Stella Im Hultberg

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