Hold- five minute friday

That moment in a workout where you’ve been doing squats or plank for what seems like forever and then the instructor tells you- “great! now hold it for a minute!” is excruciating. Waiting is difficult- no matter if you’re holding a squat and your quads are burning, your mind spins with worry waiting to hear back about a job, or your stomach knots up when you take a risk and send the text to the person you’re interested in.

Being on hold is difficult because you have moved past the beginning but haven’t yet reached closure. There are a lot of things in my life that feel on hold right now- friendships that I wonder if they will ever heal from the brokenness they have suffered, waiting to hear from my editor about the changes he’s making to my book, trying to consistently workout to shed 10 more pounds (the goal being 20) from when I chubbed out this spring from stress eating. I have friends that are on hold as they wait for their adoption of their two precious kids to be finalized and are excruciatingly waiting for the day when they can bring them home. Others who are in the middle of a divorce and are on hold between their words of ending a marriage and the legal papers to make it complete. Others who are waiting to hear back from biopsy results to see if their breast cancer has returned. Whether it is something wonderful and exciting that makes life feel on hold while you anticipate it happening or something painful an crushing we often find ourselves in the middle, on hold.

Even in the midst of being on hold I am reminded that I am held. Isaiah 41:13 says:
“For I, the Lord your God,
hold your right hand;
it is I who say to you, “Do not fear,
I will help you.”


He says he will do this- it’s a promise, not contingent on whether we feel worthy or not, whether we are broken or not, whether we are running away from God or not. He is holding me, he is holding you even when you feel like life is on hold.

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