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Surprised by Small

“Less is more” architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe once stated when he described his minimalist yet profoundly beautiful design style.  His Barcelona chair remains an icon in the world of design though it debuted in 1929.  And a coveted item amongst those of us who wish we had the thousands of dollars to plunk down for of those chairs. Design Within Reach my ass.


I am often surprised by small. Small things that end up being profoundly huge in my life- teaching me about myself, my kids, God, my body, friendship and life.   Often I’m so distracted (more self-imposed than not) that I miss the small.  In find myself wanting to do LARGE complex educational crafts for my kids, have my upcoming book book read by HUGE amounts of people, to spend a LOT of money on a pair of boots for my husband who has been telling me about his latest GQ fixation for weeks. Seriously, how did I marry a man who is just as shoe obsessed as me?

But small can be snuggling with my kids and just sitting watching Curious George with them instead of multi-tasking and folding mountains of laundry or returning emails from my phone.  Small can be just listening to a friend and grieving with her over a miscarriage instead of using lots of words to console her. Small can be choosing to do yoga and read poetry instead of having a glass of wine and eating some chocolate at the end of a rough day. Small choices. Small actions. But amazingly, less ends up becoming more.


This post is connected to a tribe of people who blog for five minutes each friday to silence the inner-critic and get some words out there. This week’s word prompt was “small.”  Check out Lisa Jo Baker’s site to participate or read what others have written this week. 





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