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Blog roundup

I’ve been loving some of the posts I’ve been reading lately from brave and thoughtful folks- check out some of their goodness that involves gaping wounds, hot wives, and scandalous women.

The one that made me thankful for men who love on their wives publicly:

From Adam Jeske: Don’t Stop Bragging about Your Smokin Hot Wife….but please don’t stop there.

The one that made me think about stupid things I’ve done and the stupid things I will do:

From my girl Grace Biskie: That Little Warrior Girl


The one that made me think about scripture in a new way:

From Jenny Rae ArmstrongScandalous, Loving, Woman

The one that made me nod my head and think about how hard marriage can be sometimes.

Francie Winslow:Imaginary Marriage

The one that made me think about the kind of mom that I am and the kind of mom I want to become:

Shauna Niequist: Mother Taught Me

What are some of the blogs you’ve been encouraged or challenged by recently? I’ll admit it- I’m usually on more than I am in the blogosphere. But these were too good not to share!

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