Welcome to Jessicafick.com! (psssst….this is the big unveil)

Hey blog friends! Welcome to my new site! I invited Maury Ballstein from Ballstein Models to provide appropriate fanfare:


At least that’s the sound that’s been going through my head today as I’ve tweaked away for the big unveil….at 5pm…on a Friday…at the beginning of summer….best time ever!!!  Sigh. I’ll take what time I can get when I’m home with my kids. The good news is the site is here to stay. Check out some of the new features:

Evangelawesome- Just a little taste but there are juicy stories to come of people boldly sharing their faith as well as stories of people choosing to follow Jesus. Got a good story? Let me know! I’ll be looking for guest posts in the future about ways that YOU, dear blog friends are being evangelawesome.

Speaking- I asked some nice people from across the country to share what they thought about my speaking and writing. I had 14 kind responses and only 2 troll responses. 😉 It’s been great to travel across the country this year to preach the gospel with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and I’d love to do it more so put the word out party peeps!

Writing- as well as curating blogs where I’ve scattered my words around the internet. Great blogs if you haven’t checked them out before! I also have a couple print pieces coming out this summer that I’ll provide some links for you to read.

The somewhat bad news is that Sidewalk Theologian is going away.


A couple reasons why:

  1. People have often commented to me “hey! I read your blog the other day! It’s so good- I didn’t realize it was you until I read the ‘about’ button.” If you’re a fashion designer, you want people to know it is you that was the creative person to assemble fabrics, colors and cuts together to make magnificence. In the same way I want people to know that it is my brain this stuff is coming out of.
  2. Blogging has been a somewhat scary journey for me of putting myself out there. I don’t want to hide as a writer- haters gonna hate. As I wrote about in this post Technicolor Jesus, I’ve been challenged to live into who God made me to be more fully and launching a website with my own name is part of that.
  3. I just wanted something prettier. I can only do so much with my limited web design skills. Thauna at Design By Thauna hooked me up with some prettiness that is feminine but doesn’t scream “I’m a Barbie Girl, In a Barbie Woooorrrrllld.” I told her the colors of Wes Anderson’s A Darjeeling Limited was the color palate I was going for.
  4. I want to publish a book and getting my name out there is part of that. This summer I’ll be putting some more crack in my lack as I work on a book about empowering women to share their faith.  I’ve needed to step back from the project for awhile to pray, reflect and decide what the best thing I can offer as a writer is right now.
  5. I’m an evangelist, not a theologian. I value theology, love to study scripture and read books about both. But the word theologian doesn’t connote someone who is actively engaged in the lives of people far from God, helping them to meet Jesus in a new way. This is what brings me the greatest joy in life- to share my faith, help others meet Jesus and empower Christians to do the same. Plus, I want people to see that evangelism can be fun! like a shot of spiritual adrenaline! that people are interested in God! Part of launching this new blog is to do those things more intentionally.

A couple things for you if this all sounds good. Starting July 1st, Sidewalk Theologian will be no more. Tell your wife, tell your kids.  If you’d like to continue to stay subscribed to my blog please do so on this site. There is a link to do so on the right side of the page & you’ll be notified every time I crack out a new post.  There are also some social share buttons if you like a post- tweet it, link it to Facebook, or email it to a friend directly from this site.  I’ll continue to add a few things this summer so check back for new features! Welcome- and be evangelawesome!







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