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Hi! If you’ve clicked over to my blog from MOPS mom-email welcome! Take a look around, read my #momlife post- I’m sure many of you can relate to the gangsta’ life of a mom living hardcore in her minivan, arranging playdates like a pro, and buying goldfish like they’re going out of style.

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what can I say...I love this little guy!
A picture of my son Ozzy that I wrote about in the MOPS email.



  • Melissa

    Thanks for your article, Jessica. My Ozzy’s name is Will. I can relate! He is only 15 mo…your article was like looking at a crystal ball of my future a year from now! I love my 2 boys, but I am exhausted. Your article was a reminder for my tired soul of how precious those rambunctious moments are.

    • Jessica

      Thanks Melissa! Boys are wonderful and exhausting. I find that if I just go with it- the wrestling match, the throwing chalk into a bucket of water, the insistence of helping me crack eggs into a bowl when I am baking….I enjoy it far more 🙂

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