Who is My Neighbor?

When something horrific happens in your hometown it gives you pause to wonder how safe you really are.  Cleveland made international news last week with the story of the three women who had been abducted and held prisoner for 10 years in the home on the West Side of Cleveland.  Like most people I’ve had[…]


Marriage is Just Too Loud for Me

I could hear him throwing up in the bathroom though I was at the end of the hallway, at least 30 feet from the disgusting retching sounds.  Dave had food poisoning from a late night Denny’s run with some friends at a weekend retreat. We were there with his parents  a few months before he[…]

Care for the Little

“Will you read that poem to me mom?” This literally came out of my son’s mouth recently. No, I am not living in some sort of utopian world where my children request poetry instead of watching another episode of Superhero Squad- and now Thomas the Tank engine has made his dreaded return now that Oswald[…]