Tweeting for Jesus

In my blog brain backup I wanted to share about tweeting for Jesus with 16,000 people at the Urbana Mission Convention this past December 27-31st.  Below is a more in depth article written by Adam Jeske who lead our super social media squad:

Social Squad- ASSEMBLE!!
Social Squad- ASSEMBLE!!

Tweeting For Jesus One of the other cool things was that our #U12 hashtag was trending nationally for a couple days during Urbana, we had a couple articles about using social media for the first time at Urbana, 40,000 tweets were tweeted under #U12’s hashtag, our social squad tweeted 3,000 times, and were retweeted over 6,500 times. Here are some of my favorite tweets from the week:

From speakers:

Death begins to work backward, it begins to break….and Jesus reverses our death into life! @ramsridharan #u12


“Love is a very expensive word. You cannot buy it.” -Shortie #u12

“In Christ we have found someone who is worthy of losing everything for.” -David Platt // #u12

RT @urbanamissions: How will you make good decisions with your money this week so that others can be blessed? #U12 #GregJao

From students:

RT @travis_r_may: I’m going to miss worshipping with 16,000 people from 100 countries in 7 languages, but I’m excited to go and do!#U12

Mission is not an add-on to the Christian life. Seeking out the lost is at the very heart of God. #u12 @UrbanaMissions@INTERVARSITYusa

Ryan Jones ‏@ryanjoyjones Committed to pursuing iv staff for long term! So excited!!!! 😀@UrbanaMissions @INTERVARSITYusa #joy #u12

RT @kristifriday: “A deep intimacy with God creates a deep submission to God.” Ziel Machado en espanol!! #u12

Found at #u12 !!!!!!!!!! It’s an AMAZING feeling!!!! #Luke15#restoration #intervarsity #urbana12 http://instagr.am/p/T31LQ8IWwj/

Straight up Hilarious tweets:

RT @urbanamissions: Do you think Jesus can dougie? #u12#jesuscandance #greek http://instagr.am/p/T41_BYo2Yq/

RT @urbanamissions: Urbana: offering more accordion than any other conference since 2012…except for this one: http://ht.ly/grqWD  #u12

RT @Joany_Yung: I was looking at “evangelism” books,when@AndyMineo walked by and said “evangelism, just go and do it, what about that” #u12

From our social media squad:

RT @jazzmen_oh: “It’s awesome to see how God is honoring our social media nerdiness.” #u12 #socialsquad

We broke twitter....or did twitter break us?
We broke twitter….or did twitter break us?

Though I came into the week as a twitter noob I was quickly converted to the power of the tweet.  It was thrilling to see our social squad tweets retweeted, to interact with participants in a real-time and significant way. It was awesome to work with a team of witty, fun and thoughtful people who were tweeting for Jesus.  You can follow me on twitter at @JessicaLeepFick for continued tweeted Fick wit.

social media for the Glory of God!
social media for the Glory of God!

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