Month: December 2012

the tragedy that became profoundly personal

Scared, excited, nervous.  I remember feeling all of those things when I was pregnant with my first son. But it wasn’t until I could feel the flutter of Reuben’s movement inside me that it became real- “I am having a baby. A baby is growing inside of me.” One of the most common experiences for women all over the world… Read more →

My heart is so easily trampled

Demons make people do crazy things. Things like trample a man to death to get a good deal on a plasma screen TV at Walmart on black friday. Things like make people go into crazy amounts of consumer debt to buy gifts and keep the illusion that they aren’t financially strapped this Christmas. Things like stealing to provide Christmas presents… Read more →

This is not the child I signed up for.

She pointed to the small scar, right between her daughter’s eyes before we watched her run off to climb up a slide on the playground.  I shrugged to my sister “she’s pretty unafraid of things.”  “Uh, yeah, almost too unafraid” she said, rolling her eyes.  “Like the time that she charged up to a group of girls on the playground… Read more →