he leads me beside still waters

Though I was on a silent retreat I replied “no, just journaling.”when he asked me if I was drawing.  My journal was laid across my lap as he wound his way past me on the giant boulders pushed up against the lighthouse.    Thinking to myself I should stay quiet, not encourage conversation or give him[…]

If and when I go into labor

book proposal

It is difficult not to picture the moment that will change life forever.  Will it happen when I’m out running errands, helping myself to a second cup of coffee, or at a dinner party with friends?  Will I be alone when I realize it is actually going to happen or be able to celebrate in the company of others?  How will I feel when I realize that what I’ve been waiting for, longing for and picturing is actually going to happen…… or not happen.

I’m still waiting to hear back from InterVarsity press about the 


You’re Amazing. And so am I.

What happened to the amazing adventures of childhood or college? To launching a plastic inflatable couch into the Red Cedar River on Michigan State’s campus to drift past submerged rusty bicycles, trash and rotting logs only to crawl up its banks laughing with friends as disgusted peers looked at you dragging said couch back to[…]