gonna make it…..?

I have 23 days to go in my self-imposed challenge of writing a book proposal in 60-days.  I can’t help but picture Steve Martin in Three Amigos when he’s shackled to the wall  trying to escape the jail cell telling himself as he takes step by step under the weight of chains…..”gonna make it, gonna make…it” Then the chains pull him back right where he was when he started and he wearily says “not gonna make it” as he slumps to the floor.  Writing this book proposal has felt a bit like this; thinking I’ve made progress and then going back to edit and feeling yanked back to where I started. First drafts as Ann Lamott says, are always crappy.

The last few weeks have been full of good things- work things and family things. My son’s 5th birthday complete with Angry Birds cupcakes……….and the painting of the dining room walls behind him.

Thankfully like Steve Martin in the Three Amigos, I know I’m not alone in this endeavor.  I’m thankful for my best friend Grace who helped me to think through some ideas for book chapters. I’m grateful for the editing help my friend Chrissy took- who is a real, live published author with an awesome book called “This Ordinary Adventure” coming out this fall. It’s good to have amigos, and as hefe would say- a plethora of friends who are willing to help and encourage me in this adventure.




  • Susie VG

    Jess, how awesome that you are doing this! Just read about your 60 day challenge- and I love the title and theme to your book. You are just the right person to write this and I am excited for what God will reveal to you and the rest of us when your done! The words of another comedy come to mind from Waterboy “You can do it!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ2HcRl4wSk

    Oh, and happy birthday Reuben! What a big sweet boy. Can’t believe how the years fly by… miss you so… xoxo

  • Grace Biskie (@gabwithgrace)

    I KNOW that I know that I know you CAN do it! I was listening to a Dave Ramsey podcast the other day and there was a great quote that proved motivational to me as I consider following my own writing dreams….he said: (something along the lines of…) It’s not about what your willing to give in order to follow your dreams (write a book, start a company, etc.) it’s about what your willing to give up. He talked about how most of us will say that we’ll work hard towards this goal or that but we rarely talk about what it is that we need to give up in order to make something happen. Are we willing to give up sleep? Money on a certain luxury in order to save for something you dream of doing? Etc. ETc. It was very convicting for me! May you figure out what you need to give up so taht you can reach your goal and ultimately your dreams. =)

    • Jessica

      thanks g! I will be thinking about what I can cut. It’s really tempting to crank out a bunch of house projects this summer, but I know that’s one thing I can cut to make time for writing. Really, waiting to paint a dresser to help me reach my goals NOW is worth it!

  • clevelandjoe

    Love the updates–can’t wait to see your finished draft! This is such an exciting thing and we will proudly display your book on our bookshelf once it’s all done. Can we get an autographed copy? =)

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