Why Urbana and Smoking are dangerous for your health

Standing outside of the vomitorium (yes, that is what the indoor stadium at University of Illinois is called) leaning against a cold concrete wall, I felt like I was in a daze by what I heard and saw that night of the Urbana missions convention in 2000.  With snow swirling around me as busses pulled up to[…]

weathering the storm

Take a look at this picture of Rembrant’s painting- “Christ in the storm on the Lake of Galilee.” I want you to notice all the different ways people are reacting in this painting. … In this biblical painting and in many others Rembrandt created, he painted himself into the scenes. Rembrandt went through terrifying storms[…]

gonna make it…..?

I have 23 days to go in my self-imposed challenge of writing a book proposal in 60-days.  I can’t help but picture Steve Martin in Three Amigos when he’s shackled to the wall  trying to escape the jail cell telling himself as he takes step by step under the weight of chains…..”gonna make it, gonna[…]