week #1 of the writing adventure

Inspired. Productive. Joyful. Words to describe my first day of writing last week for my book proposal. It’s been almost a week since I went public with my goal to write a book proposal in 60 days & I wanted to give a brief update on how things went for my first writing day.

Lampost at Narnia? Nope, just the garden of the home I get to write in.

I felt super grateful for the quiet space overlooking the woods on a cool day to kick this adventure off.  The month before as I was roaming the woods among the bluebells, ferns and riverbank on a retreat of silence, I could feel the envy for the beautiful home & lush property creeping up in my heart as I began to imagine “someday all of this will be mine!” (insert maniacal laugh & hand wringing as I pictured becoming a best-selling author and having my own wooded riverbank home) So messed up right? In that moment, I sensed Jesus saying to me- “why do you feel like you need to own something to enjoy it? I’m blessing you with a friend who is willing to open their home to you- be grateful.”

It’s moments like that that I know that Jesus is real and active in my life- when my mind starts to spin a web of selfishness, envy and discontent when I should be enjoying the gifts in front of me. He gently speaks into that to remind me that- “nope, community is where it’s at- I’ve given all kinds of gifts to my kids and you are meant to share and enjoy them with one another.” So, thankfully instead of a bitter heart that I don’t own a fabulous, quiet (i.e. baby and preschool noise free) home overlooking a body of water, I was able to receive what Jesus wanted to give me that day- being grateful for the hospitality of a friend as I kicked off my writing project.

I was able to crack out a draft of the first chapter, begin on my bio & why I’m passionate about the project, and outline what 3 of the 10 chapters are going to be about. Not bad for a first day. On the way home I stopped at the polo fields near the home I was writing at (yes, she lives near POLO fields). the Chagrin river winds it’s way next to the fields & I wanted to stop just to enjoy a bit more silence before entering back home.  It had rained the day before so the banks were muddy and the water was a frothy chocolate-milk brown.  I stood on the banks & saw a crimson male & female cardinal bobbing through the brush. I thought of my friend Gina- a spiritual person who once told me that every time she saw a cardinal she took it as a sign that God was near her and watching over her.  It certainly felt like it that day as my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude as I drove home savoring the sight of the rush of the river &  the flitting cardinals. One small reminder that God is always present.

why hello there pretty lady bird…..


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