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things to do while waiting for a baby

No such luck having baby fick #2 arrive on his due date like Reuben!  Yesterday was my due date & no sign of the little guy yet.  For the past two weeks there have been days where I have been in false labor, even going to the hospital once to be sent home, which was a major bummer.  So here is how I’ve been passing my time.


Blueberry-raspberry pound cake

Blueberry-raspberry pound cake for the 4th of July.  It was like fruity fireworks in a cake! I didn’t take a picture of mine but you get the idea of what it looked like from this other one. It was great to enjoy a slice with our friends Joyce, Mark, Pam & the crew hosted for a BBQ at our friends the Fell’s. Check out the  recipe if you’re interested in baking your own.

Espresso Carmel bars

Enjoyed last year at a friends bridal shower, these espresso carmel bars are the upscale equivalent of a homemade twix bar. Thankfully I had book club last week which deterred me from eating the other 1/2 of the pan. This is a food network recipe you can check out here.  I subbed in a Starbucks via packet for the instant espresso and I didn’t use a candy thermometer, just let the homemade carmel bubble until it looked gooey enough.

Almost Starbucks Blueberry Oat bars

A few years ago after enjoying one of these blueberry bars at Starbucks, I realized it would probably be pretty easy to make them myself. Turns out, it is pretty easy especially when blueberries are in season and are abundant where you live. If you’ve got some blueberries that need to be used and your onerous tooth is demanding some sweets, check out the recipe.

Though I’d love to paint the rest of my dining room, starting a big project like that when I could go into labor at any moment seems crazy.  Stopping mid-recipe seems much more practical and is helping me to inch towards my important goal of hitting 200 lbs- woo hoo!


Though I was supposed to stop working last week, I couldn’t bring myself to stop even the few things I have going for work right now.  So, fund development, reading, and scheduling for the fall have helped to take my mind off things as well. I really enjoyed reviewing On The Verge for Zondervan’s blog tour of the book- you can check out other reviewers here.

Watching movies: old Sophia Loren movies, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt. 1 & Knocked Up. I am not typically superstitious, but since we had watched Knocked Up the night before Reuben was born we had an encore. Plus, there was a full moon, also a factor that was present the night Reuben was born. No dice with baby #2. Consolation prize? Getting to go see Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 today!

Thinking of snarky replies to people who make comments about still being pregnant: Though I rarely say any of the things I’m thinking, I have little tolerance for Debbie Downer/pessimistic people’s comments.

“you’re still pregnant?” no I’m just still fat.
“aren’t you frustrated the baby hasn’t arrived yet?” Not as frustrated as I am with your comments.
“Has the baby arrived yet?” Do you really think I’d post random crap on facebook if I had pictures of our baby to post?
When we went to the beach last Saturday after being sent home from the hospital the night before a guy at the beach asked me when I was due- “next week” I replied, to which his only comment was, “oh my God!” I just had no idea how to respond to that. Did he think that I shouldn’t be at the beach so close to my due date? That I was too big to be at the beach? That I was crazy for not being at home sitting around and waiting for the baby to come? I have no idea, so I just dove into the cool waters of Lake Erie to wash away all these annoying comments.

It’s also been great to enjoy time with Reuben before my attention is divided among two boys- there have been lots of Cars 2 lego escapades, coloring, going to the pool and playing trains together.

So, while we wait for little guy, I’ll be enjoying yummy desserts and watching good movies and hopefully keeping snarky comments to myself.


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