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Since this is our first summer in Cleveland where we’re not unpacking boxes, traveling to Chicago-land for grad classes or packing out the summer with conferences and other trips, it’s made me think about what embodies summer for me. As a kid, this is what summer looked like for me:

McCarty's cove beach, Marquette, MI

With a togo’s #16 sub sandwich loaded up in a cooler with some oreos and lemonade, we spent hours at this beach when I was a kid.  Building sandcastles, swimming in freezing cold Lake Superior that would make your legs numb after awhile & sunning ourselves on sandy, uncrowded beaches.

Autrain Lake, just outside of Marquette was a favorite place to camp.

The smell of campfire, bug spray and smores epitomized the cool nights of camping in a tent, or when I was older a pop-up trailer. Occasionally we would stay in a family cottage on Lake Superior where my grandpa would cook us buckwheat pancakes, occasionally with fresh raspberries that he had picked that morning. We would pile into my grandparents silver airstream trailer, drink tang out of blue plastic camp cups and eat stacks of steaming pancakes.

What are some of your favorite summer things to do? Since I’m 9 months pregnant, sleeping in a tent isn’t exactly appealing right now but I am looking forward to exploring the Cuyahoga valley next summer as a family.

perhaps we'll even get to visit scenic cuyahoga national park this fall.




  • blogDetroit

    growing up – playing in the lawn, games of capture the flag with the whole neighborhood in the cool evenings. midwestern summers always smell and feel like a green lawn.

    in CA summer is the bad weather of the year. it means pulling out the blow up pool to survive the afternoon, cold drinks, cold popsicles and ice cream, and free time to try some new places or do some day trips.

  • Cindy

    What great reminices about summers in Marquette. There are so many memories to make and places to make them. We are blessed to have a wonderful place to explore just as you will with your family.

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