baby name drama

Much to the chagrin of family and friends, we chose not to reveal the names of our son Reuben until he was born and we are doing the same thing with this little guy. However, this hasn’t stopped people from guessing!  I read an article on NPR recently about baby name hostility and it confirmed exactly why we haven’t shared the name- we just don’t want to deal with the drama of unwanted opinions! Even after people share the names of their kids parents, strangers and other well-meaning folks will say ask if they can call the child by his initials instead of his first name, because they prefer it to his given name.

remember how much people HATED on Gwyneth Paltrow for naming her daughter 'apple'?

One friend recently told me that her mother called her after her daughter was born trying to convince her to change her granddaughters name! Granted, she also shared that her parents were prone to enjoy some homemade wine on a summer evening and that the phone call might have been made on a night of imbibing. What has the world come to when even parents drunk-dial not for a booty call but for a baby-name change call?!

Well, borrowing an idea from my friend and fellow blogger Grace I decided to also share some clues for the name of baby boy #2.

Clue #1: Baby boy’s first name is found in Shakespeare’s King Lear, Batman Comics, a T.V. show from the 1950’s, and a popular Christian devotional.

Clue #2: Origin & meaning of baby’s name are found in the following pictures:

Clue # 3: Baby boy’s middle name is found in the following clues:

middle name is found on a candy bar
after a farmer I am related to- farmer in picture is of no relation 🙂

And is in the top 75 names for boys in 2010.

The person who guesses the actual name, or closest to it will be rewarded with the satisfaction for being clever and a copy of Tim Stafford’s Never Mind the Joneses; Building Core Christian Values in a way that Fits your Family.  

I read this book a few years ago after attending a seminar led by Tim Stafford at a staff conference- I found it to be incredibly helpful in thinking about how God wants to uniquely express himself through our family. Once the baby is born, I’ll reveal the winner. I can’t wait to read people’s guesses!


  • Lisa

    I know you don’t want critics, but I have to say that Goneril Dum Dum Fick is a horrible baby name. Just sayin.

  • April

    Oswald Butterfingers Fick.

    Thanks for the name game fun!

    (P.S. The wine-imbibed Mom called before the baby was born, but was frantic on the phone, worried that the babymama was going into labor before she got the message. Thankfully, babymama had not been drinking herself and did not change the baby’s name to Apelila. ;))

  • jopanese

    and by that i mean pizza computer!! i will somehow string together the clues in such a way that it makes sense…

  • Jessica

    also surprised there have been no guesses for Edmund Ritter Fick, or Kent Krackel Fick! I’m curious- how are people coming up with their guesses? What are the primary clues that you are drawing your conclusions from?

  • Stephanie W.

    For some reason, Liam keeps coming to me as the first name. If Reese is the second, feel free to copy our spelling of Graham’s middle: Rhys. We’d feel honored 🙂 Just praying he gets here safely – whoever this little man is!

  • Mae Ellen Fick

    You sure set up a good contest with a great set of clues and even a reward for the winner.
    I have no guess yet.

  • April

    Woah. Is his middle name Toblerone??? haha. Seriously no guesses on middle name.

    But I picked Oswald (from the King Lear list) initially because it’s totally your taste and goes nicely with Reuben. You could call him Ozzie!! Then I realized that there was that show Ozzie & Harriet and the Oswald Chambers guy. So it all makes perfect sense. (And I seem to recall a Batman character with the name.)

    So, I hope it’s Oswald/Ozzie. It’s cute. But I will support you in whatever decision you make: be it Apple, Banjo, or Crestwood Platinum.

  • Cindy

    So, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I’ve been thinking…… With all the clues and a bit of detective work Rachel and I think the name is Reagen or Regan Henry. We are sure it is not Edmund Goobers (hah hah) So, we are excited and praying for you and thanks for making guessing so much fun.

  • Cindy

    I forgot to tell you how we arrived at our guess. Regan was a name in King Lear but for a woman. No matter it is a gender neutral name today. The next thing was the middle name, for a bit we were sure it was York (you have a friend named York and Dave is from New York), get it? “new” York.. But then the farmer thing kept taken me back and I realized there is a candy bar named Oh Henry which is your grandfather Leep’s first name and your dad’s middle name.

  • blogDetroit

    Oswald Henry, but I think Oswald Whatchamacallit Fick would be fun too just in case you have a lot more boys and it gets hard to remember the full name when you are scolding him.

  • Mike(y) G

    My guess is Waldo Henry Fick

    I picked this because:
    – Waldo is an alternative form of Oswald but 10,000x cooler. And the Fick’s are 10,000x cooler than the average people. Plus I felt like you gave a lot of clues for the first name so there had to be some sort of surprise twist.
    – Henry because, out of the top 75 boys names in 2010, this was the only one that I knew of as a candy bar.
    – Fick because he is your son! =)

    • Jessica

      thanks for commenting Mikey! I always appreciate when dudes leave comments, though I know there are other guy blog reader out there.

  • Rachel

    Joe and I think it will be Oswald Henry (curses that someone beat us to posting!). Based on the clues, though, a reasonable case could also be made for Edgar Henry. Or, of course, Goneril Twix Fick (in honor George Costanza, who is like a relative. And, as an architect, almost like a farmer.)

    • Charles Fick

      Jess, Kim and I are also guessing Oswald Henry, and if that is right, I am looking forward to calling him OH Fick.

      Rach, while George is like family, he was only a pretend architect, and rather bad pretend architect at that. He WAS however a marine biologist for a few minutes, and biology is close to farming, so I think it still works.

  • Katie H

    I’d figured out “Oswald” as a first name, but not knowing your relations well (and not seeing “Oh Henry” bars come up on my candy searches), I was going to go with “Reese” as a middle name. Unless it’s “Ruth.” 🙂

  • Grace Biskie

    I just have no clue. I’d be excited if the little one’s middle name was Reese (Rhys or Reece). It’d be so cute & special. But alas, it seems the candy bar is not made in the US…but why are so many guessing Henry then? I’m confused. I LOVE Ozzie/Oswald, I so hope it’s that. I love it! And if the middle name is Henry I LOVE the idea of “oooohhhh Fick!” lol. =)

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