my son will not tolerate a Man Men world

Reuben has had a persistent cough for the past few days so I took him to the Dr. today.  While he’s been in his typical happy mood, hearing his hacking cough has just been too much to try and wait it out. We really like his pediatrician, Dr. Borus, who always addresses Reuben & asks him what’s wrong rather than asking me & ignoring his patient.  After determining that his cough was a result of a virus Dr. B began to share how I could treat his cough.

“Honey. You can give him honey, and that will help since the cough syrup doesn’t seem to be doing anything” he told me.  As the Dr. was telling me about treating his cough with honey Reuben got this solemn expression on his face and looked right at Dr. B. “Jessica” he said, looking back at me with the same solemn look. I was a little confused why Reuben was calling me by my first name so I affirmed him & said, “yes, my name is Jessica” He looked at Dr. B. again, pointed to me and said “her name is Jessica!” a little more emphatically. At that point, Dr. B. & I both realized that Reuben thought he was calling me “honey” and didn’t like it at all.

I don't care if you're a Dr. or Don Draper- no sexist comments towards my mom, mister!

Dr. B looked slightly confused & asked, “Reuben, do you think I’m calling your mom honey?” “Yes” he nodded, still looking like he was about to give the Dr. a stern lecture about appropriate office etiquette with women. I couldn’t contain my laughter as I saw the Dr. get an uncomfortable look on his face and stammer that “yes, that wouldn’t be right if I called your mom honey!” I laughed all the way out of the Dr.’s office amused that even at 4 years old, my son is defending my honor and refusing to let anyone but his dad call me “honey”.


  • Mae Ellen Fick

    I am so proud of you and Dave and how you have raised Reuben and that God blessed him with such a doctor who communicates with him. How precious and super that he made those comments.

  • Mindy

    So funny! Especially since I know Dr. Borus–he’s Isaac’s doc, too. I really like him. I saw him at Starbucks at Cedar/Fairmount the other day–it was so funny to see him out of his professional context. He ran into some friends he knew, so I just pretended I didn’t see him. It was kind of awkward…

    • Jessica

      oh, I hate those awkward moments when you’re not sure if someone sees you/don’t know if you should say hi! Those are some of my most dreaded moments in social interaction!

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