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Blog guilt: (noun) the guilt a blogger feels from infrequent posting. A feeling of letting readers down and the fear that only your mom & best friend will continue to read your thoughts. Includes a perpetual backlog of blog ideas, bursting from ones brain but without sufficient time and or energy to post said blog ideas.

So friends, if any one is still reading, here are my excuses reasons for my infrequent posts as of late.

1. I have been a crazy paintbrush wielding mama in the past week. Expecting baby #2 in a few weeks has motivated me to catch up on all the house projects I haven’t gotten around to completing. Now thanks to Sherwin Williams & my friend Kristin, my dining room is a lovely shade of eggplant and Reuben’s room is blue! We’re planning on stenciling this cool pattern on the walls in the next few weeks.

the shade of purple is pretty similar to what we painted the end walls of the dining room. the other walls will be a lighter shade in the same color swatch & with the darker purple stenciled on top.

2. Preaching. I preached at my church, Velocity a few weeks ago on the topic “temptations Christians face” which was about the temptation to keep our faith in Jesus to ourselves.  It was so much fun to be invited and encouraged to use the gifts God has given me in preaching in our church!  If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare & you’d like to hear the sermon you can click here. Being 8 months pregnant when I delivered the sermon made for one sweaty challenge but it also felt great to trust God with the limitations of my body right now & still do what he’s called me to do. One of the blog posts that’s been rolling around in my mind is some other thoughts I’ve had on why Christians don’t share their faith- I swear, I will get around to it soon.

3. Research paper. I’ve been taking a research methods class to finish my M.A. in evangelism and leadership through Wheaton Graduate school. It’s been fun and engaging to work on a project I care a lot about that I think will have positive implications for the future of evangelism in InterVarsity. But this paper has been weighing on my mind, my time and the other work I’ve needed to get done. Thankfully, this week I turned it in & am in the home stretch of writing some final reflections.

4. Crazily tired from pregnancy. I have been so, so tired lately. Today marks 4 weeks away from my due date. I had a freak-out moment last night where I was feeling some pain & though “holy crap, this baby could come tonight or tomorrow!” freak out resulted in going to Target to buy diapers, wipes, and a few other remaining baby items that we needed. At least baby boy # 2 will have a clean butt even if there is nothing else done in preparation for his arrival.

5. Eclipse. I started the Twilight series a month ago. I am on book three. Enough said.

bella is a tool. why would she not pick Jacob?

So blog friends, you have been in my thoughts along with the posts I have yet to write. Thanks for continuing to check back even when Sidewalk Theologian still has the same post as when you checked last time. 🙂 I know I don’t have any obligation to post, I don’t get paid to do this, but I really do enjoy interacting with all of you, reading your insightful comments and being able to share about our experiences in the spectacular and ordinary places of life & following Jesus.


  • G Bisquit

    I would rather die a thousand deaths than be with that petulant, immature, sleaze-ball, woman-stealing, Jacob Black…if I were Bella.

    Why would any woman choose a wolf child over a gorgeous, considerate, thoughtful, polite man of great bank??

    Please tell me.

    I do not understand you my friend.

    Jacob’s a jackass.

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