the support network: life as a working mom

Even more profound than the support power of Spanx to make a jiggly booty smooth is the unbelieveable support network that God can provide for working moms.  I tip my proverbial hat  to the following groups of people who make life not only manageable but enjoyable. 1. The Husband: Dave has schlepped our baby around[…]

the double-blessing: Life as a working mom

While there are many challenges to being a working mom, there are a lot of great things that come with the territory.  Research such as Sally Heglesen’s book The Female Advantage cites that moms learn to have an integrated approach to work life and home life in being forced to be more resourceful with their[…]

the double-bind- life as a working mom

Confession- at various points in my life I have thought all of these things: kids are speed-bumps on the career path, being a mom seems lame, God is a jerk if he wants me to have kids and give up a job I love. Maybe you’re in the other camp entirely and have been waiting to[…]