why do you watch?

What makes you want to watch something for more than 15 seconds? Certainly we’ve all become entranced in videos like these for reasons even I can’t explain:

One of the new things I’m doing this year is video blogs for my friends start-up company 30God.com. The idea is that many good-intending people who want to spend time with Jesus, growing their faith have a hard time picking up ye olde devotional.

a book, how quaint. you feel so different than my ipad.

Hence- 30 second video devotionals to help people think about God throughout the day. Easy, accessible to people while they’re taking a quick break and hopefully, a starting point to spending more time with Jesus or discovering what a relationship with him could be like.

Since the company just launched this month, I’ve had a few video blogs- my favorite is coming up next week (stay tuned! it involves a sleeping mask!)

I know there is tons of great stuff that people can watch online, and even though 30.God videos are only 30 seconds long, that’s 30 seconds you could be watching something else. (seriously did you watch the video above? How can I compete with kittens!)

What I’d love from you bloggy-friends is your feedback on the 30.God site- particularly what you like/dislike about the video blogs I’ve posted so far or what you’ve liked about posts from some of the other bloggers.  My biggest challenge has been how to be myself, record something though-provoking in 30 seconds, and make it look cool at the same time.  For those of you who know me outside of blog-ville, you know that I talk about faith in a pretty normal way and don’t take myself too seriously.  I’ve felt a little forced on the videos & am trying to figure out how to seem more natural and have fun.

So, here’s the link: 30God.com check out the site, go to my profile listed under “the team” with videos I’ve posted so far & post your comments back on this blog. Thanks for your feedback! Now where can I find a giant book about kittens & combine it with thoughts on Jesus? They do both have silky hair. At least in this picture.

c'mon, you know you wanna hang out with me.


  • Coleman

    You are very right, God has always had to compete with things like kittens. It is truly amazing. The creator of the universe competing for our attention with a kitten. If Jesus put up his own video, would he get more hits than “Charlie bit my finger”? I don’t think so.
    But then Jesus didn’t come to win the whole world, he came to win you and me. Don’t know if heaven is getting crowded yet, but I do appreciate that I rarely watch the kittens these days. I watch Jessica – and her thoughts on God that last a life time.

  • Jessica

    The videos are a little rough, but that’s expected since this is a new thing for you! Your heart and your ideas are right on and they shine even through the bad sound system and somewhat cheesy extras. Keep it up though– with practice you’ll be just as amazing on video blog as you are on page and in person!

  • April

    The videos are well produced and your messages are right on. I see what you mean about not seeming as natural in front of the camera as you are in person. I’m sure you’ve already tried these things: pretend the camera IS a person, or pretend the camera is a bunch of students at a large group meeting.

    I think that if you get over the fact that you’re talking to something that isn’t human, your natural style of connecting with people will come through more.

    Keep up the good work and just keep trying to iron out any kinks. You have a lot of talent and I think that you can ace this type of media, too! 🙂

    And I dare you to do a post with Conan purring in the background… har.

  • Cha Cha Heels Shimmery Glimmery Booty =)

    One thing I would love to see you try is acting like it’s an interview, so your not looking at the camera at all, but at someone just to the right of the camera. Or maybe performing your 30 seconds on campus and having Dave video you outside on a mic performing it for actual people. I think it is super super weird myself to act natural when I’m trying to be serious (but cool) about an important thing….now, I have no problem acting natural when I’m NOT trying to be cool and not talking about anything serious like say, when I did that golden globes try out video (http://www.myspace.com/video/vid/4528279) see, I’m natural as pie….but if someone had told me to talk about Jesus…it’d been over before it started. so yours, is an interesting dilemna which I assume you will grow at the more you do…. I think you should practice your 30 second thing in front of a mirror like 10 times before Dave records you…that’s what Tyra would tell you to do…and since she’s a supermodel I think you’d do well in listening to her =) but for real, even I practiced 10 times in front of a mirror for my stupid Golden Globes try out video. (Because Tyra said so)! If that’s how she can make beautiful Loreal commercials, hey, I’m on board =)

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