when Jesus gets a lapdance

Jesus often shows up in really unexpected places.  A strip club isn’t one you typically picture much “jesus talk.”  However, as I’ve been sharing about my experiences at Burning Man this past August to InterVarsity students and staff, I was reminded of one of the most bizarre and beautiful stories from my time in the[…]

God took the night shift

I have always had an overactive imagination.  When I was little I would imagine that all the creepy things lurking in my grandparents dark basement stuffed with old appliances, rows of clothes hanging from the ceiling, and shelves of canned food. Granted in the basement there was a bug-eyed, stuffed bobcat posed to pounce that[…]

get baked january

The long cold midwest winters can take a toll on one after awhile.  I often find myself checking expedia.com’s daily deals section to see if there is a magical $75 non-stop flight from Cleveland to destination warmth; i don’t care, vegas, orlando, L.A. or Arizona, Somewhere there is sun.  I’ve started checking websites for community supported[…]

why do you watch?

What makes you want to watch something for more than 15 seconds? Certainly we’ve all become entranced in videos like these for reasons even I can’t explain: One of the new things I’m doing this year is video blogs for my friends start-up company 30God.com. The idea is that many good-intending people who want to[…]

MLK’s students

Why can’t more Christians be like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Dr. King’s faith drove him to make courageous decisions because he believed that all people are made in the image of God.  It wasn’t simply tolerance he was aiming for, he preached about equality, hope and reconciliation.  Sadly, the picture that most people have[…]

to transform a city- book review

You know a book is going to be good when you tear-up reading the introduction.  Zondervan recently sent me “To Tranform A City: Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole City” to review as part of their church blog tour and from the introduction. I was eager to glean the inspiration and knowledge laid out by authors[…]

feeling a little low from the holidays?

Being with family during the holidays can produce lots of different emotions. If I was a pharmaceutical rep., I might write the symptoms like this: “Chronic fatigue, mild to extreme irritation or confusion? Common symptoms of family holiday disorder can surprise all of us during this happy time of year.  Though little known yet widely common,[…]