Month: December 2010

since I’ve been gone: an ode to InterVarsity staff

I’ve been feeling reflective about what I’m most looking forward to when my sabbatical ends in 12 days. Top of my list: working with my colleagues. This goes out to all my InterVarsity peeps. Your car is your office, or the campus coffee shop Talking to freshman about Jesus- you’ll never stop. 20 appointments in one day, that’s just the… Read more →

Reuben’s Christmas confession

Reuben brought home a gift for me today from preschool; a container of chocolate peppermint bath salts and a homemade card which included the following message: Perhaps it was because Dave was the parent helper today that Reuben felt the liberty to share this personal confession of bodily functions or because he had something on his mind. Who knows. This… Read more →

santa saves

A 6-ft tall Elmo complete with a santa hat and jingle bells around his ankles, dozens of hotdogs and gloppily decorated sugar cookies consumed at 10am, and of course- the man himself- Santa all made for an exciting saturday. Recently I participated in a “free pictures with santa” community event that my church Velocity hosted.  Each month, our church hosts an… Read more →