If I was a rich girl….well I actually am

I am 84.9% more wealthy than most people in the world.  I sleep at night without worrying that the roof will cave in on me.  I enjoy cold water from my refrigerator with no threat of parasites ravaging my intestines.  When my son broke his leg, it was a quick trip to the ER- 4.5[…]

Merry Freegan Christmas!

Do other parents feel guilty and sad that they too won’t have the same elated faces on their children’s faces when they present an XBox 360, complete Thomas the Tank engine set (with newest Misty Island Rescue attachments), or any other toy that said child would enjoy on Christmas morning? Have you noticed how even[…]

six months of cleveland

Dave, Reuben and I have lived in Cleveland Heights, OH for almost 6 months.We routinely get asked by people who learn that we’re new to the area “what do you think of Cleveland?” So here are the top 6 things I’ve liked about living here so far. 1. Friendly, welcoming people. We did have a[…]


A few costume shots of the gang who attended Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt. 1 last night: For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series Tonks is a witch who can change her hair color when upset, and her boyfriend, later husband Lupin who changes into a werewolf at night. I[…]

under the gun is much more fun

You’d think that with all the free time I have during my sabbatical, I’d be getting a lot done that I normally don’t. wrong. In some ways this is good- the point of a sabbatical is to rest or engage the mind in other things like getting a degree. Now that my time is mostly[…]

when cheating just feels right

Last night I made a decision to cheat- on my sabbatical. Though I’ve been given a year for academic leave, rest and reflection to hopefully help me continue a long career with InterVarsity, I’m beginning to feel a bit antsy.  On Wednesday Dave asked me if I’d be willing to help him teach on Ephesians[…]

stay at home moms- the real rock stars

Since Reuben was born in 2007, I have always worked. I love my job as an outreach consultant for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and the thought of quitting entirely was enough for me to wrestle with whether or not I even wanted to have kids. Before having Reuben I would utter phrases such as “how can[…]