design dilemma!

Design savvy friends- I need your help! Since moving into our new house, I’ve had a torrent of ideas and inspiration for decorating our house- a few too many that I can’t narrow down!  So, I’d love your ideas, input and inspiration.

Being a little older, moving into our second house and knowing more of what I want out of a living space, Dave and I made a decision just to wait and live in the house for awhile before making any big design decisions.  Though I’ve wanted to rush in, paintbrushes blazing, armed with curtain rods and swathes of upholstery, waiting has helped me in a couple ways.  It’s helped me to be content with what we have- it’s a luxury for most people in the world to even have the option to think about how they want to decorate their home!

Design decisions of the third world- should I decorate with newspaper or old wrappers? (picture from projecteight.com)

Being patient has helped me to take time to collect ideas/inspiration and not hastily rushing into something I’ll regret later. It’s also helped me to browse craigslist like a puma on the prowl for bargains!

The first room we want to focus on is our living room. We plan to do a lot of entertaining so we want to make sure it’s a comfortable, welcoming space with a lot of seating. In our last home didn’t really think about how we wanted the whole room/house to go together- so we just ended up picking out a lot of stuff that we liked but didn’t necessarily flow well together. This time, I’d like more of a flow to each room.  My first challenge has been the living room which is a pretty, but quite awkward space with a staircase & entry way on one wall, a fire place on the other and across from the fireplace a bay of windows.  I’d like to figure out some fun window treatments but have been anxious because of the leaded glass.

another design challenge- the windows open inward. The mini-blinds just kill the pretty-ness of these windows!

So, here are my questions:

I love color- but, I’m worried that if I do something too bold with the curtains it will “fight” with the bold diamond pattern of the windows.

the augustine curtain from crate & barrel I like this curtain, but will it be too dark or too busy? We are likely going to stick with the neutral colored walls & choose a color accent to add some brightness to the room. Should I do a pop of brightness with the curtains or go with something more neutral like this?

pretty print, neutral colors. marimekko curtain from crate & barrel

Keep in mind that the two outer windows are the ones we open when it’s not too hot out.  So- what do you think?  I’d love your thoughts & suggestions! Those mini-blinds have got to go!

this is the other side of the room to give you an idea of what we're currently working with.


  • Joy'l

    i would do a curtain that is plain with a large strip at the bottom in a pattern. that way you’d get the flair but not take away too much from the windows. i’d do something with a splash of the bright orange in your chairs to compliment them and bring it all together. good luck! can’t wait to see the grand finale! 🙂

  • Twyila

    I would do the blue curtains if you are keeping neutral walls have bold colors on the curtains. Then pull different colors of blue and orange throughout the rest of the room with pillows, vases, paintings, ect. I think that if you have 2 couches you could put one on each side of the fireplace, then put a table by the window with the 2 chairs next to it. Ottamens (sp ??) work great for extra seating and can be used as a table with a tray on it. I love decorating so I hope you have fun with your room, move things around until your happy. Have fun and good luck.

  • April

    Go bold with the curtains or go home! 🙂 I like the suggestion of a solid bold color with perhaps design frenzy on the bottom. Also, were you considering swinging curtain rods? My Mom has those for her skinny windows so she can just swing the rods out so the curtains hang at a 90 degree angle to the window and you can have air flow. You may or may not like that. But a suggestion.

    The best option to have blinds is those fancy expensive inside mount things that they put in houses where kids have extreme allergies. But they probably cost as much as a small car. Though with Dave’s ingenuity, perhaps he could rig you a similar deal.

  • elicia

    I’d go with a simple window treatment because you guys have such amazing artwork that anything else might distract from that. Can’t wait to see how it all comes out!

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