before & after from the chop shop

before…….long bland blond hairstyle So……inspired by this lady….. I decided to get chopped! I found a sweet little salon in Downers Grove called Salon Ruelle. I knew they’d be able to hook me up when I saw their graffittied walls & read the great reviews online.  I’ve done this a few times in my life-[…]


What do you do when you find yourself plateauing in an area of life? I’m remembering the good ol’ days of my posts on healthy eating and exercise. I was uber-motivated to run and lift weights three times a week, make sure to get my serving of 5 fruits and veggies a day & really[…]

design dilemma!

Design savvy friends- I need your help! Since moving into our new house, I’ve had a torrent of ideas and inspiration for decorating our house- a few too many that I can’t narrow down!  So, I’d love your ideas, input and inspiration. Being a little older, moving into our second house and knowing more of[…]