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use it don’t move it

this is my philosophy for the next two weeks while Dave and I pack our house up to move to Cleveland Heights, OH. Today I took stock of what we had in our cupboards and freezer to figure out how we could eat everything up and not have to move it. I had been debating about whether or not to pack our crockpot and breadmaker- two things we use on a weekly basis and two things that make our lives easier. For the sake of our sanity and our budget I decided that I’d rather use what we had, not pack or throw out the one cup of rye flour I had left and have bread ready to eat for the next two weeks. The thought of not baking anything for two weeks is actually very weird to me so I decided to get it all out of my system today. In trying to use what we had and not buy other stuff, I realized we had ingredients to meet our sweet tooth cravings, so I whipped up some of these:

loaf of whole wheat, loaf of rye, pan of smores bars.

These s’mores bars are awesome! Instead of the nuts on top I made a graham cracker topping and it was gooey, crunchy and chocolaty just like a smore. So besides using up what you have in your cupboards, what other moving advice to people have for me?  Thankfully, Dave’s parents are coming on Wednesday to help watch Reuben so Dave and I can pack up the house.  Some of our awesome students from Ferris are actually helping us pack up our house, driving down with us to cleveland and helping us move in.  InterVarsity students are the best!

So in the midst of packing, selling stuff on craigslist/garage sales, finishing a paper for grad school, saying goodbye to my parents as they leave for Lebanon for two weeks, having a birthday party for Reuben at Mcdonald’s (another sanity saver), having Dave’s parents come to town, and getting ready to leave Grand Rapids, I’m happy that at least we’ll have good bread to eat 🙂


  • laterain

    I love that you tagged this “moving, smores bars”.

    The best thing I did the last time I moved was to throw out almost all of my old spices . . . some of which were . . . ten? fifteen? years old. Yes, it was a pain to replace them little by little and to find at the most inconvenient time that I was out of the one I needed, but it was also very freeing.

  • April

    Advice: If you haven’t used something in the last year, let it go. Less is more. And less to carry to Cleveland is less backache. 🙂

  • Kathy S

    Label all boxes with inside content! It takes the stress off unpacking everything right away, particularly if you’re looking for a specific item. (:

    thanks for your comment on fb. (:

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