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the mother of all days

Mother’s day is smack in the middle of the two weeks that Dave is away doing leadership training for students with the organization we work for- InterVarsity.  It’s probably one of the most fun, stressful, exhausting and rewarding weeks of our year where we get to meet hundreds of students from across the midwest, see what God is doing in their lives and help them to take the next steps of obedience. Plus it’s at a camp on Lake Huron that is nestled onto beautiful Prentiss Bay in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Hiking trails through tall Cedar trees, rocky limestone paths winding between cabins and big boulders that look across the endless blue waves of Lake Huron are all part of how the beauty of God has been experienced in this place.

Though I could have gone with Dave this week it made more sense for multiple reasons (i.e., packing, etc.) for me to stay home.  It was a little sad spending mothers day without him here but I’m thankful for how he’s serving this week & glad I can in a small way be part of that by caring for Reuben, being home and praying for him & the students that are there.

So, in spending mothers day with my almost three year old who isn’t yet aware that he is to shower mama with gifts, foot massages and breakfast in bed I had a couple options of how to see the day:

1. Sulk. Tempting option. I’ve been home with Reuben by myself for a week, sick with food poisoning for four days and there was no promise of an FTD delivery today (I love my hubby, but a planner he is not, amazingly fun and spontaneous, but not a “hey, I’ll be gone for mothers day- I should send a candy-gram to Jess while I’m away!” type).

2. Ignore it. Hmm, not so easy since every single facebook post was proclaiming wishes for mothers day, there were readings of Proverbs 31 in church- wife of a noble character , and songs about “I’ve come this far by faith” and “I’m in no ways tired” (irony for mothers day?), and I was meeting up with my own mom for mothers day.

3. Splurge. Also, very tempting. But alas the two mortgages thing for the next few months kept my online shopping in check though I did briefly fantasize about what these gorgeous rings from Kenneth Jay Lane would look like on my fingers:

these rings came in all sorts of luscious colors- perfect for summer.
which one would you have chosen if you were going to splurge?

4. Indulge my overactive imagination. This plays out in scenarios like “hmm, maybe he DID order a candygram for me- I better hurry home after church just in case there is a guy dressed like a giant hershey kiss waiting to hand me roses and truffles on my front porch.” This scenario never ends well for me. Imagine Justin Timberlake and Andy Samburg serenading their mom’s with their infamous motherlover song and wonder how their moms would respond.

5. Be thankful for my mom and try to serve her. I’ve learned a lot from my mom aka “cindy the blond squirrel” and “fantasta-cindy” over the years. She taught me how to be creative and just enjoy making things without judging them if they were perfect, she knows how to play even as an adult- last summer she ran through a public sprinkler with Reuben soaking her clothes and having to drive home in them- practical? no, but super-fun on a hot day with your grandkid, she taught me to enjoy a good meal and how to cook one as well- in fact, she even had her own cooking show on the local channel while we lived in the U.P. where she uttered the infamous words “the golden platter makes the meat shineth forth!” while demonstrating how to cook venison. So, today I made some quiche and had her over to enjoy time together and express my gratitude for how she has cared for me over the years.

mom, having a blast with her grandsons last summer.

6. Teach Reuben how to celebrate Mother’s Day. The sweet kid ordered me chinese food! This is especially amazing because he did it while he was napping. He also chose to download an episode of Dinosaur Train that was about celebrating mothers day so he could pick up some tips about gifts to get for next year. Afterwards he was really concerned he hadn’t bought me any red flowers like the dinosaur’s did on the show. I told him that it was alright.

7. Enjoy the gifts that really matter. Last night Reuben climbed into my lap to cuddle. I hugged him and said “my sweet Reuben” and to my delight he replied “my sweet mama” and nuzzled his head into my neck. It was precious & one of those unprovoked moments of sweetness you sometimes get to enjoy as a mom.

So which of the options did I choose for how to celebrate mothers day? I’ll let you guess.

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