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Raise your hand IF…You have Crazy Mom disease

My Friend Lisa posted this blog recently & I found myself feeling similar sentiments recently.  You can check her out at:

I’ve been trying to hold it together while Dave is away for work for the next two weeks & I am home caring for Reuben, packing our house to move in a month, and trying to write two papers amongst other things. Lisa’s post inspired me to write a Crazy Mom Disease Post of my own.

What is Crazy Mom Disease? Symptoms may differ between moms but may include:

1. Hurricane Head: Thinking a hurricane of thoughts all at the same time about vastly different things: i.e. “when should I schedule my son’s birthday party since we’ll be moving?” “I need to order that theology book for the research paper I’m writing.” “I wonder if I have any more ham in the freezer to make soup?”

2. Stress napping. For those of us able to take naps during the day this can include either feeling super tired and trying to take a nap but not being able to because of hurricane head symptoms or taking a really long nap and then not being able to sleep at night because of long nap. Then hurricane head also keeps you awake.

3. Stress eating. After putting Reuben to bed asking myself “Should I have a glass of wine or a cookie?” Seriously? With CMD the only choice is whether you’ll have another cookie after eating the first one! Today I made myself feel a little better about this one by throwing some steamed broccoli into the mac & cheese.

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4. Stress exercising. See Symptom number three. Hence, symptom number 4. Actually, exercising has helped me to feel more sane in the craziness that is this month. Though I may be feeling a bit out of control it feels great to work up a sweat, burn off some of my nervous energy and know that I’m doing right by the body God gave me.

4. Crying at random times. Spontaneous tears may erupt in awkward places such as: the bank, while visiting friends of family, while taking a walk or driving between the pet store to get cat food, the grocery store to get deodorant, and Rite Aid to get more packing tape. I haven’t actually cried at all of these places but have been aware that I’m pretty wired right now and can be set off by random things. Plus, I had to watch Pay It Forward for a paper I’m working on for grad school- I had never seen it and bawled at the end! It was so good and so sad! Still, in the midst of this touching movie all I could think about was the line uttered by Jack from Will & Grace when he was helping boost the confidence a newly outed man who was feeling self conscious because  “that’s what we do Will, we gay it forward!” (Does anyone else remember this line or is it just my brain it got lodged in?)

5. Super-mom delusions. Friend that has a new baby & could use some help? Sure! Of course you can bring over a meal! Bake a homemade birthday cake for my son in the likeness of brobee from Yo! Gabba Gabba? Why the heck not?! Raise $20,000 in the next two months? Piece of brobee cake! Get together & personally thank people who have given thousands of dollars to our ministry over the past nine years? (actually, this has been really fun 🙂

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read 1200 pages, write 30 pages of research papers, pack up our house & keep it relatively clean while doing so? And the list goes on. I won’t bore you because I know you’ve all got lists like this too. As the Scrubs theme song goes “I’m no superman” or supermom in this case.

I feel like I should end this post with some sort of happy Growing Pains-esque wrap up. I’d like to write how I’m thankful, but right now I just feel overwhelmed. There are things I know to be true- that God is able to strengthen and sustain me- that another cookie, walk or online search for window treatments for my new house won’t fill me in the way that only Jesus can. This is when I’m glad to be part of the family of God- when I don’t feel strong enough to pray for myself that I know others are praying these things for me.


  • Emily

    My hand is raised. I’ve got a bad case. Thanks for writing this and echoing so much of my experience right now. I’m not writing papers or raising money, but my hubby is away too and I am definitely overwhelmed. Although, that’s nothing new….my being overwhelmed. So glad you can be honest and have a sense of humor about it.

  • April

    “Piece of Brobee cake.”–I love it!

    I am typing this while my 18-month-old squirms in my arms. After an insane day with an 18-month-old.

    And don’t worry about ending your blog on a positive note. You can gripe once in a while! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Been there. The moving really adds another crazy crazy dimension. Moving with kids is not good, but you get through it.

    Hugs. BTW, After I wrote the post I wished I had called it Mad Mom Disease, like Mad Cow Disease, but since I was suffering from this disease it didn’t occur to me at the moment.

  • Yasu

    Hi Jessica – remember me from bi-regionals a couple of years ago? I’m not a mom but I feel something similar sometimes . . .

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