greetings from boxland

Countdown to Cleveland Heights residency: two days.
Count of fast food restaurants I have eaten at in the past two days: 3

well hello Jared, yes, I do in fact want mayo on my sub. no, your smiling face cannot dissuade me.

Count of calories burned from hauling boxes into the moving trailer in ridiculously sweltering humidity: 8,547.
Count of extra cash earned from craislist/ebay/garage sales/: $700
Count of awesome friends who have helped us pack/load boxes: 10
Count of books packed: way, way too many.

carry on my wayward nerd, there'll be peace when you are done...lay your weary head to rest, don't you read no more.

Count of parties throw in the past 5 days: 3, including a Mcdonalds b-day party for Reuben tonight.
Count of how many times I’ve thought “this feels surreal” as I hear the echos in my mostly empty home: innumerable.
Count of the number of fights Dave and I have had in the past two days: 2. One included me yelling at him because he suggested “pancakes” as something Reuben could order from a drive through menu. When I explained this wasn’t possible we both had a meltdown.
Count of how many times I’ve been thankful we’re staying in my parents air-conditioned home this week while we move: every second of blessed sleep that I enjoy not tossing and turning because I’m too hot.


  • Cindy

    Jess and Dave, Amazing only 2 fights! So glad you can stay at our house. Anything to reduce the stress. Praise God for all the help you are getting. How about at the other end?? We are only here for 5 more days. When you come in June we will have a Lebanese feast!!!! Love and God Bless, MOM

  • Kristin

    I am so impressed…..2 fights! This has to be one of the best calorie burners…moving while in the midst of crazy heat and humidity! Good luck! See you at RSC?

  • Lisa

    it’s almost painful to be reminded of this process. i’m not ready to go there again. you will soon cross the bridge to the other side where there will be more chaos, but with the promise of settling down for something new and exciting.

  • grace

    holy boxes!!!! good grief! I, too, am impressed with only 2 fights! Dave & I have had that many in 2 days -at least- & were not even moving! 😉

    Hey, btw, would it be helpful if I drove out tomorrow morning & watched Rueben at your parents house for the morning? I should have suggested it last night when I offered to have you drop him off at our house, but I didn’t think of it until I was driving back lastnight, in which I was also feeling like an arse for not being willing to stay for a couple more hours to help you guys out. I’m sorry! But, yeah let me know if you want me to, I can come early & stay until about 3 or 4pm.

  • andrea

    omg, that’s a lot of boxes!

    your meltdowns had me cracking me up — that was totally jase & i when we moved earlier this year. good luck with the moving, see you soon =)

  • deb

    Maybe that is why the Israelites had such a hard time following God in the desert. They had to move a lot. Imagine packing up your tent and having to fight not just with your husband, but with his other WIVES.

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