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spring soup!

With the weather being a little brisk with the promise of warming up, I thought I’d post a recipe for some soup I’ve enjoyed recently for you to try if you’re feeling soup-y and have some time to spare on a rainy day.

I blogged awhile ago about The Soup Peddler’s Guide to Slow and Difficult Soups. It was a fun book to read & had a couple recipes that sounded good. I only ended up trying the minestrone recipe but I am very glad that I did! I have never enjoyed minestrone- the kinds I’ve had have always consisted of mushy noodles and bland mushy veggies. However this minestrone was out of this world! There were a couple tricks that made it superb- the homemade vegetable stock, and studding the onions with a few cloves gave it a rich flavor. There is also the addition of toasted, crushed fennel seeds near the end of the cooking time that adds a lot. If you’ve got a crock pot making homemade vegetable or chicken stock is RI-Diculously easy- chop the veggies, add water and you’re done.

plus, it just looks pretty.

Plus you get delicious soup! Unfortunately there isn’t a link available for this soup online, but I’m guessing your local library has a copy of The Soup Peddlers book, or you can order it from amazon if you’re feeling super-soupy.

bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! This recipe for soup actually makes double!
serve with some crusty bread & you've got a healthy, filling & delicious meal!

If you’re just dying to try a minestrone soup recipe after this post, you can check out this recipe at I’ve never tried it, can’t vouch for it but it has over 900 positive reviews. That’s usually a good sign.


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