Month: April 2010

help marla harness her hotness!

Here it is friends- DIY “what not to wear!” Fick style (without the snarky comments or big budget)!  For the last few months I’ve had fun with friends and family doing closet makeovers and wardrobe consulting. Now I am not Heidi Klum, an editor for InStyle Mag or even an employee of fashionable stores such as Meijer & Walmart. But… Read more →

explaining death to my three year old

Today we discovered that our cat G.K. Chesterton, “Chester” had died in the night, curled up in his kitty bed.  While I have been sad since we found out about his terminal cancer I was more worried about how Reuben (not to mention our other crazy cat, Conan) would respond. How do you explain death to a three year old?… Read more →

Jesus and the vampires

Recently Dave and I have been watching the HBO series Trueblood.  The premise of TrueBlood is interesting- in the show the Japanese have created a synthetic blood “trueblood” that enables vampires to be sustained on artificial rather than human blood.  In turn this allows vampires to begin to emerge into mainstream society.  Capitalizing on the current cultural fascination with vampires,… Read more →