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friday fluff- friends!

The first time I met Gracee Biskie we were attending new staff training as rookies with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  The training was about multi-ethnicity and how to help students learn about what scripture says about diversity.  As a bi-racial woman from Detroit who had experienced a ton of racism throughout her life she was in the midst of working through a lot of pain and anger.  Though I didn’t know it at the time, the training was stirring up all kinds of issues in her life.

That night as we went back to our host home we were sitting around in our pajamas talking about the training Gracee ranted her anger towards white people.  Being a white person and wrestling with my own issues of ethnic identity I blurted out “what do you want? A big long line of white people lining up and saying “I’m sorry??!!” She stopped and looked at me and replied with big eyes “that would be amazing!”  And then we both started cracking up thinking of an endless line of white people expressing their condolences for racism to Gracee.

together celebrating Gracee's birthday last year. Only she could pull off asking all her guest to wear black or white while she dresses herself in vibrant red 🙂

That was nine years ago and since then Gracee and I have been present for the births of one anothers children, discussed our mutual love of fashion and theology, prayed together about difficult issues in life and challenge each other to live into the leadership roles God has placed us in.  While we don’t get to see each other that often we always have a blast hanging out together.  Here are a few pics of our latest marathon catch up session from last week:

rockin' the cute new jackets she bought for us.
Rhys the little sweetie!

It was such an amazing experience to be present for Rhys’ birth.  Never in my life have I felt a deeper connection to another person as a woman and mother. Being in the hospital room together reminded me how throughout the ages women have shared in the intimate experience of giving birth.  This sweet moment was brought abruptly (and hilariously) to an end when her husband Dave showed up with a bag of french fries which he ate in the delivery room. I was so privileged that Gracee invited me to be present & take pictures of that momentous day.

Reuben loves coming to the Biskies house to play with Ransom & his toys.
buddies. Yesterday Reuben was playing "spaceship" and I asked him where he was going to fly. He replied- "to Ransom Biskie's house!"

I’m so thankful for my friend and all the ways God uses her in my life to consider new perspectives, try new fashion trends and have a tender heart towards Jesus and his people.


  • grace

    How sweet are you??? 😉
    It was SO good to hang out last week.

    I so appreciate having someone in my life who understands the CRAZINESS that is being on IV staff, the CIRCUS it is to be on IV staff alongside your husband, the CHAOS that it is to raise funds for a living, the JUGGLE it is to be a Mama & an IV staffer, the TEMPTATIONS there are for money, power, glory, fame, etc., the ISOLATION of being a missionary, the WEIRD things that happen trying to be a woman AND a minister in a redonkulously evangelical man-focused context and ALL of the other stuff that is unique to our UNIQUE callings.

    It’s great to do life with ya, sis. 🙂

  • Mae Ellen Fick

    Hello Jessica,

    I’m so glad you have Gracee for a friend. Everything you said in your blog was so good to know and think about. Also, it was great to read about your favorite books and all the others you had to read. I agree about the Tozer book. I want to read the one on Billy Graham. Thanks for the pics of Gracee and you and the 3 boys. Thanks for writing blogs.


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