Month: March 2010

move it.

When I saw this story on NPR the other day I thought that it was appropriate for my (now late) March challenge of creating a great workout mix! Your Body is A Temple: sweatin’ to NPR A Gospel Workout Mix: What do you usually listen to while you work out? The sound of your lungs wheezing? The pop of a tennis… Read more →

your church is too small: a review

Last year I enjoyed taking an apologetics class with John Armstrong through the M.A. program I’m in at Wheaton.  Though the content of the class was good it was an unplanned experience that caused me to see John’s commitment to unity and peace.  A classmate was feeling attacked in a discussion we were having. We could all feel the emotional… Read more →

rivers cuomo makes me cry

I didn’t really care what other drivers were thinking as I blasted Weezer’s red album as I drove to meet my friend Ginny for dinner tonight. I didn’t mind if they saw me singing along at the top of my lungs and drumming on the steering wheel. I wasn’t concerned about who noticed when a few tears slid down my… Read more →


Are you reading my blog because you’re procrastinating something? Well, that makes two of us because I’m writing this blog procrastinating writing a presentation I have to give tomorrow for class. Though I’m coming down with a cold and want to go to sleep even though it’s 7:58pm I find myself in the blogosphere. procrastinating. This issue is one I’ve… Read more →

friday fluff- friends!

The first time I met Gracee Biskie we were attending new staff training as rookies with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  The training was about multi-ethnicity and how to help students learn about what scripture says about diversity.  As a bi-racial woman from Detroit who had experienced a ton of racism throughout her life she was in the midst of working through… Read more →