friday fluff- the McOlympian

I read this blog on NPR today & cracked up about McDonald’s being a sponsor of the Olympics.  I’ve thought about the irony of Mcdonald’s being a sponsor for the most prestigious athletic competitions in the world for awhile & how no athlete is going to fuel up on protien and carbs from a big mac & fries! That said, I generally try to not be cynical but this blog echoed my sentiments exactly. It seems like their sponsorship of the olympics is a way to manage their tarnished image from movies like supersize me.

That said, since most of us will never compete in the olympics but still want to take care of our bodies can you actually eat healthily at McDonalds?  Where do you eat when you’re in a hurry but want to eat healthy? My sister was telling me about the shocked look on the face of moms from her son’s school when they suggested going to McDonald’s for lunch when Rachel’s son asked “what’s McDonalds?” If you know my sister, you’ll roll your eyes because she is a gorgeous woman who is also an amazing cook and loves food! Besides, her poison is Taco Bell 🙂

I actually am a sucker for the golden arches. more than any other fast food restaurant that is where I go if I’m in a rush, there isn’t a panera or jimmy johns available for healthier options.  The funny thing is that  I used to feel like all was lost if I stepped into a Mcdonald’s- like I needed to eat a big mac & giant fries, washed down, of course, with a diet coke- that it was the worst option or no option. Just because you eat there doesn’t mean you need to eat everything there!

Even at McDonald’s I try to stick with my strive for five principle, ordering a side salad off the $1 menu or some apple dippers without the carmel sauce.  True- it won’t be the best salad in the world but at least it’s vegetables that aren’t fried!  If I do get fries, which I try not to do that often, I’ll order a small & split it with Dave so I can enjoy the taste without the supersize. Splitting fries with Reuben is a lost cause- even if I steal one, he’ll cry out in horror- “that’s MY french fry!!!” I once spit the partially chewed fry back out to see what he’d do. He ate it anyways. My son has a deep love of french fries.

Even small choices at McD’s can save you calories- a 6-piece mcnugget is 280 calories compared to a double cheeseburger at 440 calories. You wouldn’t think it’d be that big of a difference- but every healthier choice ends up paying off! If you’re on the road a lot and don’t have many healthy options, it’s worth it to check the nutritional information for fast food locations listed online to know what you’re eating.  Spending 5 minutes doing a little research can help you make healthier choices every time you’re in the drive-through.  Better yet- skip the drive through and eat what you’ve got at home or pack a meal for the car!

cost-effective & healthy- the classic brown bag lunch!


  • Bethany K.

    This is an area where I praise WA State for enforcing all chain restaurants to post the calorie content of their foods on their menus. It means that I don’t have to whip out my phone (which has a food database) or look it up ahead of time. It doesn’t always mean I make the best choices if I’m in a ornary mood but at least my choices are more informed.

  • April

    Yeah, I ususally get either a snack wrap (and eat more at my next meal) or the large salads. And the large salads are good. Real lettuce, etc. Then I snatch a few fries from JB’s large size, because he has no willpower and orders a heart-attach special every time. So I’m actually HELPING him by eating some of his fries.

    So that’s what I did when we were on vacation in Tennessee last summer. However, Tennessee restaurants do not have the same fresh veggie standards. EVERY TIME, and EVERY restaurant (McD’s or other), the lettuce was like the butt end of a head of iceberg. Agh! Maybe the Tennessee Iceberg Lettuce Farmer’s Association has a really strong marketing campaign. haha.

  • grace

    Why do I have the discipline to never buy Ransom french fries with is happy meal (he thinks all happy meals only ever come with apple dippers) but I consistently order fries with my happy meal??? The only good thing I’ve managed to do is order a happy meal so I’m not getting much of all the unhealthy junk, but other than I can’t seem to give up the juicy flavor of the double cheeseburger and salty fries. 🙂

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