exercisetv.tv, my new best friend

Last week I posted a blog about setting some goals to tackle the february flab that was starting to creep in.  After I posted the blog I thought- “crap! the worst thing about blogging about health goals is that you feel like a tool if you don’t follow through on them.” So, for the three people that read my blog, you’ll be happy to know that I began a friendship with exercisetv.com this past week even though there were multiple hurdles to overcome.

As Dave and I were driving home from Cleveland I thought- o.k.- no excuses, I’m doing yoga when we get home. then I felt exhausted from the trip. no yoga.

the next night I thought- no excuses, Jillian Michaels and I have a date tonight. The workout dvd wasn’t where I thought it was & I couldn’t find it. no excuses, find something else to use to workout with.

jillian- where were you when I needed you???

I couldn’t find my running shoes. no excuses, wore my old pair even though they have no support.
shape.com has crappy routines that aren’t helpful at all. no excuses, there has got to be something else online!
find “exercisetv.tv” scroll through the workouts & find a multitude of free full workout videos! The one I did was a little hokey, at a few points some of the moves made me feel like Balki from Perfect Strangers doing the dance of joy. However, it was a solid 20 minute strength & cardio workout & I was sweating by the time it finished!

Today I did make me over in 40 and it was another great video.  I have not been able to muster the self-discipline to get outside and walk, especially because I’ve been shoveling like a crazy person with all this snow. Every time I choose to care for my body through exercise, I’m amazed at the positive domino effect it has on the rest of my life- amazing how God connected everything to influence our bodies, minds and spirits! I’m not saying exercise is a cure-all, but afterwards I was feeling more motivated, less sad, wasn’t craving the foods I wanted before the workout & then I slept like a baby that night! Check out this article on how exercise affects your mood if you need some extra motivation to get moving.

So what have been your “no excuses” motivations to stay healthy this winter? What are your small steps that you’re taking forward to reach your goals?

perhaps "scooter lee's" hot tracks will help you gain momentum in your health goals? I just love this picture.


  • Teresa

    I love your posts 🙂 I feel you with the February flab…I started noticing it a bit last week. I have been working 50-60 hour weeks (not a good thing…between the gym and IV its getting a bit tiring!) and “haven’t had the time” for working out. A bit embarrassing for a personal trainer, who constantly tells people there is always time you just have to look for it and utilize it, to admit. I went three weeks without a workout :-/ So…I started back up a few days ago working out and I’m cutting up my fruits and veggies as soon as I buy them and put them in easy to grab containers that I can take with me for lunches and such to make it more convenient and easier to eat healthy!

  • Kristin

    Jess, thanks so much for your honesty. You seem like you have been kicking butt in keeping healthy and I have been doing HORRIBLE! Your encouragement and honesty has been helpful….no more excuses…..lets do this!!

  • grace

    i don’t have a “no excuse” motivation, which is why the only calories I’m burning -for the last week & a half at least- is through breastfeeding! ;( Without that, man, I’d be getting so chunky right now.

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