Yoga pants: God’s gift to women everywhere

Sometimes I even do yoga in my yoga pants. Just not this past week.

strike a pose- a warrior pose 🙂

When it comes to relaxing, this is basically my uniform. And that’s what I’ve mostly been doing this past week. Well, actually not relaxing at all. Stressing out about the stuff I need to get done before my sabbatical in January, figuring out time to do all the Christmas prep of wrapping, baking, getting food poisoning, hosting parties…and as Elaine once said “yada, yada, yada.”

Well this week it was time to slip on the yoga pants and glide into a chaturunga pose- If I’m going to do 12 days of yoga this December, I need to keep going! What helps you to get motivated when you’ve had a longer break from exercise than you intended?

For me this week I was very motivated to relax and stretch my tired muscles. I had been feeling exhausted and tense after last week. Though it also would have been nice to sit on the couch, I could feel the need to release some tension, stretch and breathe. Whenever I need to do some relaxing yoga I pop in Kathy Smith’s Project You Core/Flex DVD.

A relaxing and energizing 20 minute yoga workout.

Dave bought this for me at goodwill after I mentioned that I wanted to get some yoga dvd’s. Doesn’t that make so much sense that you could find great exercise tapes at goodwill?  So many people get stuff with great intentions and then they never use it, don’t like it, or get tired of it. Actually, the project you dvd is so cheap on Amazon, you can probably get it with shipping for under $5. Once I bought it, I burned it to my computer so I can do it wherever I go.  I typically never travel without my laptop so it’s been great to have when I need to wind down after a long day of meetings or want to wake up early and do some light stretching.

Actually, I even encouraged my colleagues to join me over a lunch hour at some meetings this past October.  We had been sitting in horribly uncomfortable chairs in a room at a church. And typically what happens in these meetings are: talking, eating, sitting, talking, eating, more sitting. repeat. It was so much fun and helped to alleviate our numb bottoms! There were even a few male colleagues that joined in and said it helped them to stretch after going running.

So, maybe you’ve hit a wall like I did with the 12 days of yoga this month. Just remember to stop. breath. stretch. remember that Christmas is about sweet little 8lb 5oz. baby Jesus, investing in others, and spreading some love. Taking even 20 minutes to do some yoga might help you to refocus on what’s important in life!

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