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the 12 days of YOGA! Are you up for the challenge?

Hey you, the one who ate 1/4 of a turkey by themselves on Thanksgiving. yeah, I’m talking to you, person who feels so stiff from sitting around that you pray every night for a massaging chair from sharper image for Christmas or for your friend/spouse/cute stranger on the subway to give you a shoulder massage. Let’s face it. You’re not getting the sharper image chair. And that stranger on the subway, though cute is probably creepy. Let’s do something far less creepy and  make like the meerkats in Madagascar and “move it move it?”

This month’s challenge on Sidewalk Theologian is one I’ve been looking forward to for awhile- the 12 days of yoga! I had thought about making up a little tune to the 12 days of Christmas for this challenge; something along the lines of “on the ninth day of Christmas a yogi gave to me…one downward dog, two chatarungas, three warrior poses,etc… and then I realized that not only is that song horribly annoying, that making up such song could use up precious time that I could be using to watch How I Met Your Mother on hulu.com. On a side note, wouldn’t it be awesome to see a meerkat doing yoga? I googled “meerkat doing yoga to no avail.

Here’s my rationale for why you should join me in this month’s challenge:

  1. The Christmas season can be stressful. Why not take some time to breathe, stretch and put things in perspective?
  2. Don’t wait until January 1st to make a resolution to get healthy. Start now and feel awesome that you’re already pursuing your goal when the new year rolls around.
  3. The holidays are a time to celebrate, with lots of rich delicious foods. I don’t know about you, but I like eating these foods. I don’t however like worrying that my butt is going to get big with each coconut macaroon I consume. Making space to care for yourself and exercise helps to burn some of those extra calories we all consume this time of year.
  4. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Each week I’ll post free resources for you to use to complete 12 days of yoga for 20-30 minutes. That’s all I’m asking you to commit to. 12 days of your own choosing, and 20 minutes of yoga on each of these 12 days.
  5. I’ll give you a fabulous prize if you complete the 12 days. Actually I won’t. I wish I could, other cool bloggers do things like this but I’m not to “free giveaway blog status” yet. But, cue cheesy music won’t it be a reward enough to know you’ve made your health and well being a priority? 🙂

So, how about it? I like using a yoga mat because it helps with some of the poses, especially if you’re new to yoga and are learning the poses. But, you really can just do it with a towel or on your rug. So, here is the first free resource to get you started. I’ve used this a couple times as a way to relax at the end of the night. It’s energizing but not too complicated & a good one to help you learn the poses if you’re new to yoga. If the new age stuff is weird to you, just pray to Jesus and thank him for giving you a body that can move, for health and strength instead of imagining that you’re opening the chakra of your third eye. God gave us everything in this world to enjoy & there is not one bit of it where he is not present. You can tell from the peaceful expression on the ladies faces below.

Yoga Downloads has free 20 minute sessions that you can download to your computer. I’ve done “yoga for strength #1 with Jacki” and thought it was good. If you don’t have a computer in a place that would be conducive to yoga, check out the dvd’s at your local library. They often have fitness dvd’s that can be checked out- that way you don’t have to commit to buying something you may not like or use in the future! Namaste, as they say on LOST!


    • Una

      So, I am mildly interested. Himself and I just joined a gym & there are ample yoga classes. I don’t think I’ll do the “at home” scenario but I might be able to do some 12-days-of-yoga-at-the-gym. Can I substitute pilates for yoga or are we strictly eastern exercise on this one?

    • Ashley

      Okay, you got me- I’ve got no good reason not to try this – I mean 20 minutes 12 times this month…I think I can actually find the time for this! 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement.

    • grace

      all right, all right, I’m going to give it a shot. I grew up watching my mom doing Yoga & then falling asleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT on the floor as she breathed and stretched…. then I when i became a christian i was told it was evil and to stay away… now I just don’t know what to think other than its prolly pretty cool but will make me sore… either way, you’ve got me. I’m game! 🙂

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