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Tomorrow night Dave and I are hosting a formal dinner for our care group from church and have a very yummy menu planned! I posted a few weeks ago about this & did a flashback of the dress options I have for tomorrow night. Which one did I choose? You’ll just have to check out my post after the party to find out! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone all dolled up in their evening-wear finest!

Here is the yummy (and healthy) menu for tomorrow night:

baby spinach salad with craisins and goat cheese
warm crescent rolls
stuffed acorn squash with white beans, chard and chicken

Never tried these but they look pretty! Here's hoping they turn out!

chocolate gingerbread
assorted appetizers and drinks

I just got a subscription to Eating Well magazine and checked out their website- good stuff! The link is for the acorn squash recipe if you want to try it yourself. I’ll let you know how easy it is after tomorrow night! I like the magazine because they feature healthy, inexpensive meals with a lot of things that most people have around their homes.

The chocolate gingerbread has become a Christmas tradition- it’s from Nigella’s Feast cookbook in her “chocolate cake hall of fame” section. I only make it at Christmastime because it is really rich- perfect for holiday indulgence! Nigella didn’t have the recipe for it on her site, but I did find one who did: chocolate gingerbread

not that pretty, but ohhhh, so delicious

Now I just need to get the house clean and decorating done! I love the holidays!

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