12 days of Yoga! Feeling less stress yet?

Last week when I was in Wheaton for a class doing Yoga was a great way to wind down at the end of the night, especially after sitting all day. I don’ t think I could ever do a desk job again- I’m too antsy.

This week I haven’t done any yoga because I came down with the flu or something like it. I just sent Dave out to get me some soup- since I’ve mainly subsisted on ginger ale today. Here’s a pathetic sickie picture for you:

this is what the flu looks like

I am feeling better after sleeping all day & hopefully I won’t be bowing to the porcelain throne again tonight. But me being sick is NO reason for YOU to not do some awesome yoga this week! I hope to be in full strength soon and stretching my sore body.  I heard a great quote in church this week from my pastor- “what we do with our bodies shapes our souls.” Isn’t that a good nugget? He was preaching on sex, but I think that applies to a lot of how we view and treat our bodies.  So, put on your stretchy pants like Jack Black and bust out some warrior poses.

sometimes, when you get older, men like to wear stretchy pants

Here is this weeks FREE Yoga resource. Yoga Journal has free podcasts that you can watch to limber up a little. I will tell you, this one is a GREAT workout. I did it a few weeks ago and could feel it for a couple days. I felt so strong afterwards! If you don’t like the one I provided the link to, just browse through the Yoga Journal site and find one that suits you better. Last week, I also recommended checking out a yoga DVD from your local library.  Especially if you live in towns that have a large amount of hippes living there, like Ithaca, NY- you will find that yoga dvd’s are the only one’s available in the exercise section, like I did when I visited my in-laws there this summer.  May your yuletide be merry and yoga-tastic.

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