Urbana 09 aka- the life chiropractor

This week I get the privilege of working at InterVarsity’s Urbana Missions convention- an international gathering of students who are asking- “what in the heck does God want me to do with my life?” You can check it out at www.urbana09.org and actually watch to the sessions online! This is my fourth time working at/attending[…]

sabbatical dreams

It’s hard to believe that in eight days I’ll begin a year long sabbatical from my regular job with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship! After seven years IVCF grants up to a year for academic sabbaticals, an amazing gift! I’m actually in my ninth year of ministry and during this year, I plan to  finish my M.A.[…]

yogi santa

Even Santa partakes in the downward dog to work off some of those holiday cookies and eggnog 🙂 Are any other ladies feeling like Spanx will become your new best friend in 2010?  It’s never too late to join in the 12 days of yoga challenge in December. Perhaps you too have realized that travel makes[…]

Yoga pants: God’s gift to women everywhere

Sometimes I even do yoga in my yoga pants. Just not this past week. When it comes to relaxing, this is basically my uniform. And that’s what I’ve mostly been doing this past week. Well, actually not relaxing at all. Stressing out about the stuff I need to get done before my sabbatical in January,[…]

enter the chaos

I stared at the painting for a full three minutes before I became self-conscious of the desk attendant wondering if I had entered into some sort of trance.  Even after moving on to look at some of the other paintings, capturing the essence of Jesus’ ministry in scripture I kept wandering back to snatch glimpses[…]

the 12 days of YOGA! Are you up for the challenge?

Hey you, the one who ate 1/4 of a turkey by themselves on Thanksgiving. yeah, I’m talking to you, person who feels so stiff from sitting around that you pray every night for a massaging chair from sharper image for Christmas or for your friend/spouse/cute stranger on the subway to give you a shoulder massage.[…]