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how to embarrass your husband

For anyone who knows my husband Dave, you know that it not easy to embarrass him. Crazy story about Dave? He’ll tell you five more about himself. An embarrassing photo? Well, we have those all categorized in photo albums. An awkward situation? Dave can create those with finesse and style to the mortification of anyone in the room. When I told him what I was writing about tonight, he rolled his eyes and started laughing with embarrassment. So what did I do?

I got up in front of 400 people this morning at church and professed my love for him. For the past three weeks, our church has been doing a series on sexuality. Married sex, single sexuality, chastity, the whole gamut of how we as humans, as Olivia Newton John once sung:

I wonder what the guy on the treadmill looks like?

“Let’s get physical, physical! I wanna get physical”

Occasionally we pass the mic around our sanctuary for a “joys and concerns” time to hear how prayers are being answered and to know how to pray for and support on another in difficult times. You’ll hear anything from people talking about God giving them hope as they go through AA, to people praying that God would provide a job, to people weeping with thanksgiving for how their family has been cared for as a spouse has gone through chemo therapy.

I normally don’t feel compelled to get up during these times, in fact usually I’m a little taken aback by how honest and vulnerable so many people are about the things they’re thankful for or what they need prayer for. But for whatever reason when I heard that the mic would be passed, I felt my heart begin to thump with the familiar sensation I have when God is urging me to do something that would be simultaneously uncomfortable, wonderful, and stretching.

As the mic was passed down the row to me Dave gave me a look like “what are you going to talk about?” ย I got up and shared about how thankful I was for God’s goodness to me through my husband. How this morning when our son got up early he got up with him and let me sleep in until 10:30. I don’t remember the last time I slept so long! Not only did he take care of Reuben and let me sleep in, I came downstairs to freshly made crepes. Banana chocolate crepes, savory egg and cheese crepes, and a delicious strawberry/peach/apple crepe from some leftover pie filling. I felt so loved and cared for that I couldn’t help but share how blessed I was. I debated about getting up and sharing this because I know there are many people at a tough place in their marriage & hearing things like this can potentially make people feel worse. I also debated about it because things like this don’t happen everyday in our marriage- and I didn’t want to paint our relationship like it’s always a cakewalk. The funny thing was that I didn’t debate about whether it would embarrass Dave or not- I knew it might & that he would potentially be called “crepe-man” by people in our congregation. But, I just couldn’t help myself from sharing how thankful I am for him! So, for any married ladies who read my blog- see how red in the face your husband gets the next time you sing his praises!


yeah, the crepes looked this delicious.





  • Lorraine

    And then you blogged about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I never would’ve thought of “crepe-man” until you said it.

    Do you know what song was in the top ten for the most weeks in a row in the ENTIRE decade of the eighties?

  • Stephanie

    If we’re going to embarrass our husbands, what a great way to do it! I wish we would have been at the 11:30 to hear you in person! I am now motivated to embarrass Kevin…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • grace

    Dave is awesome… that was super sweet of him. Man, I totally wish my Dave could cook, well… anything, let alone something sweet & delicious!

    Way to go in singing his praises..he deserves it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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